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Steamed Stuffed Mushrooms

These Chinese-style steamed stuffed mushrooms are not just cute to look at, they are very healthy and delicious as well. They always get the thumbs up from my family! For the filling, I used a mixture of fish paste (from the yong tau foo stall at the wet market) and minced pork (you can use chicken if you don’t consume pork).

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I tried different kinds of stuffing before – all fish paste, all minced meat, as well as a mixture of fish and meat – and the latter got my family’s vote as the winning combination.

Fish paste from yong tau foo stall at the wet market

For best results, use fish paste from yong tau foo stalls at the wet market (if there is one where you stay). They generally taste better and fresher than the ones sold at the supermarkets. The yong tau foo stalls use the same fish paste to stuff various foods so the fish paste is already nicely seasoned, and you can go very light on the seasonings for the mushroom stuffing.

Steamed Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
Before Steaming

17 comments on “Steamed Stuffed Mushrooms”

  1. I would definitely go for the seafood filling! These stuffed mushrooms look mouthwatering.

  2. I am for seafood filling too! But here we don’t have fish paste from yong tau food stall leh! :( I may just have to use prawns + chicken.

    Love these healthy delicious steamed mushrooms. :) … I would just finish the whole plate of mushrooms, without knowing.

    • not to say the supermarket one is not good, but that given a choice, the ytf stall one is better … so can still use the fish paste sold at the supermarkets in US for this recipe. at least save the hassle of peeling the prawns hehe :)

  3. It will look more apoealing to use the steamed stock to thicken as gravy and apply a thin coat on the mushroo.before serving – to have a ‘glossy’ effect.

  4. instead of shitake mishrooms, can i use white or brown button mushrroms or soft tofu? how long should those be steamed? thanks for sharing!

  5. This one looks really cute, Is that possible change it to shrimp paste?

  6. i love fish paste, ok i am going to get the fish paste and try out this weekend.

  7. Pretty and delicious. Home-made ones taste so fresh and juicy.

  8. Just wanna let you know that I tried this recipe this week. It was delicious! My kiddos popped one after another in their mouths. We used the fish paste prepacked from the supermart (cos no chance to go wet mkt) and love the tinge of sweetness in the mixture on the mushroom. :) Thanks for another winning and simple recipe.

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  10. this look delicious. I will try it

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