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Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine

Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine Recipe

First posted in Oct 2009, Updated in Jan 2015.

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Mussels steamed in Chinese wine is a quick and easy dish to whip up at home. I bought 500 grams mussels at the supermarket for only S$1 during a quick sale. Normally they will cost about S$2+ which is still inexpensive.

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The cooking method is really easy. Just stir fry some aromatics such as shallots and ginger in a wok, then add the cleaned mussels and Chinese wine to steam until the shells are opened. This is so easy, that I almost never order mussels or shell fish when I eat out, as eateries usually charge a premium for seafood. Try it out!

53 comments on “Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine”

  1. What a bargain! A simple and delicious recipe!

  2. Wow, that is in fact very cheap! Love the fragrant of Chinese wine in this mussels.

  3. Those are beautiful mussels with the blue tips! I’m always surprised at how inexpensive they are. This sounds delicious with ginger and garlic!

  4. Mussels here are cheap but lately they are real cheap…$1/lb! That’s why I love mussels…delish & cheap!

  5. I love mussels! 500g for $1 is really cheap! I pay £4 for 1kg….real expensive :(

    • oh but I think the ones sold in your area are the black shell types. I think they taste better and would have cost a lot more in Singapore. In fact I’ve been looking for some black shells mussels to cook :D

  6. OOooo..i can imagine how good and sweet the mussel broth is..yummy! Hopefully they have fresh mussels at the market this weekend!

    • I think there is an abundance of fresh seafood in Australia! Missed the fresh lobsters, prawns, fish and shell fish … it is seafood paradise ;)

  7. the mussels looked so amazingly lovely and freshness . . . one of my favourite dish too!

  8. this is a steal and its yummy too!

  9. The mussels looks so pretty… and cooked with wine… ah… perfect!

  10. wiffy, i love a good mussels dish…but it’s rather challenging for me to find fresh mussels in the market nearest to me T_T….your mussel dish looks beautiful and i love the asian touches

    • but I think there are plenty of fresh seafood and mussels in the outlying islands? My sister told me she had one of her best seafood meals at an island in HK, I’m so jealous :halo:

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