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Chinese Steamed Egg with Minced Pork

Steamed Egg with Pork Recipe

First posted in Jul 2009, updated in Jan 2015

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This Chinese-style steamed egg with minced pork (猪肉蒸蛋), also frequently known as Chinese steamed eggs or 蒸水蛋, is a family favourite dish. We love everyday dishes (家常菜) like this – unpretentious, comforting and so delicious with rice or porridge.

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Many readers have commented that the most challenging part of making steamed eggs is that the cooked egg mixture either look dry, or form unsightly bubbles on the surface. Check out the cooking tips below to get a smooth and silky finish for your steamed eggs.

Steamed Egg with Pork Recipe

Tips for making Chinese savoury steamed egg dishes

  1. Strain the egg mixture through a fine sieve 1-3 times to get a smooth texture.
  2. Use heat-safe (ceramic or oven) dish for steaming the egg custard. Plastic material will melt during steaming.
  3. Use a wide, shallow dish for steaming so that the egg and meat will be evenly distributed and cooked.
  4. If you happen to be cooking Chinese soups (clear soup such as ABC soup), you can use some of the soup as the base stock for the egg custard. You can also instant chicken stock or plain water (seasoned with soy sauce).
  5. When steaming the egg custard, make sure the dish is sealed with foil, so that water from the steamer cover will not fall on the custard during steaming and cause unsightly bubbles.

60 comments on “Chinese Steamed Egg with Minced Pork”

  1. So it’s kind of like a Chinese quiche? Looks tasty, I’m going to have to try it out. :)

  2. A very nice looking dish and if it has egg, pork and onion then it’s for me!
    Increasing my appetite rapidly :lol:



  3. The texture looks so delicate! The custard sounds delicious.

  4. Haven’t had these steam eggs for a while…love it with pork meat…yummie. Will definitely try your recipe.

  5. yummy…….. awesome photos, as always.
    this reminds me of my childhood days with my ah mah in taiping (a small town in msia). she is a nyonya with super cooking skills. each time i think of her, i kick myself for not learning how to cook from her. will definitely try out the recipe soon, and let you know of the outcome.
    thanks alot for sharing!

  6. I call this as toddler dish, hehe…Children love it very much. Furthermore easy to consume.

  7. Wow, your step by step instructions are good! I can’t make a decent steam egg cos it always ended up like ‘orange peel’ surface with lotsa holes. Now I know where the faults are. :wink:

  8. It is so smooth and perfect!! Goes well with a bowl of rice. ;)

  9. I think my little one will love this!

  10. Also one of my favorites leh, to whip up at home. I love this with plain porridge too….all soft, almost like “bo geh”‘s (for the toothless) food. Buahahahha!

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