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Sesame Oil Chicken

Sesame Oil Chicken Recipe

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Sesame oil chicken (麻油鸡) is a childhood dish which is the ultimate comfort food to me. This recipe is from my mum. Whenever I cook this dish, my house will be filled with the wonderful aroma of the simmering chicken, sesame oil and ginger which is so familiar and therapeutic. Best of all, this is a simple dish which is easy to prepare with minimal key ingredients – just chicken, sesame oil and ginger.

Sesame Oil Chicken Recipe

78 comments on “Sesame Oil Chicken”

  1. Hi, this is one of my comfort food, and your version is even better than what I am used to!

    I can’t find 花雕酒 or 绍兴酒 in London, but recently chance upon Ginger Wine in the local supermarket – wanna tell u (and your other readers) that it works wonderfully with your recipe!

  2. WOW! I just tried it. It’s amazingly easy and absolutely yummy! Thank you wiffy!

  3. Wow I just tried it for my dinner! Wonderful! *thumbs up*

  4. If you dont like button mushrooms … try with black fungus… soak the fungus 1st with water, then rinse it n fry it together with the chicken.. yummy.. n good for blood circulation also :D

  5. Hi Wiffy,

    Just cooked this for dinner tonight and the kids are liking it so far. May I know what brand of sesame oil you use? Thanks!

  6. hi wiffy,
    which kind of dark soy sauce are you using?
    the thick type which is a bit sweet or the watery type, which is abit salty?

  7. Thanks for the wonderful receipe!!! Just tried it and it is so easy and fast to cook…
    Can i ask if we wan the meat to be soak the taste up is to simmer it longer?
    Also what can we add to the dish? Mushrooms?


  8. Hello
    What is alternative not to use Wine, because Im Muslim & how many spoon for it?
    Thank you.

    • Hi, you don’t need to substitute, just omit it. It will still taste good, sometimes even Chinese omitted the wine for various reasons.

  9. You might want to be add some starch (淀粉)It will make the sauce creamy and yummy.

  10. Tried out this recipe. It’s very easy to follow and the taste is superb.

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