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Sake-Steamed Clams

Sake-Steamed Clams

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This is a delightfully simple and fast recipe for Japanese-style steamed clams in sake (Japanese rice wine) and kombu (kelp) stock. The clams will usually open within 3 minutes of steaming, and overcooking them will result in shrunken clams with a rubbery texture.

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Because of the ease and speed of which the clams cooked, I love to stock up on frozen, vacuum packs of asari clams in my freezer so that I can whip up a quick and gourmet meal anytime. The clams broth is full of umami deliciousness and I will not waste a drop of it. This recipe has very minimum ingredients (just kombu, sake and water), yet full of flavours. I enjoyed this dish with some steamed rice and warmed sake – totally indulgent!

Sake-Steamed Clams

16 comments on “Sake-Steamed Clams”

  1. This looks so delicious and easy to prepare. Yummy!

  2. Hi, the sake you used, is it cooking sake?
    If not, maybe I know where can buy the sake?
    Thanks =)

    • hi, you can use both cooking or drinking sake. I got the drinking sake from dfs, but you can easily find at supermarkets too. In fact I think they sell those $10 mini bottle at ntuc & cs.

  3. I can imagine how good your dish is, the broth must be very sweet!

  4. I could almost taste the freshness from the photos! Yummy!

  5. They sell frozen clams with shells? I shall check it out!

  6. What a simple dish- I could just imagine sake with seafood! good pairing for sure.

  7. Yum! I need to eat more clams since I heard that clams is actually pretty healthy food.

  8. Oh! This clams look so good…like the idea of sake…so simple and yet so tasty.
    Beautiful pictures as always :)
    Hope you are having a fabulous week!

  9. I am definitely a clam lover (compared to mussels). Since I don’t have much Japanese seasonings, I usually steam them Chinese style.

    I have not tried frozen clams before…I am always afraid they will not be fresh. But frozen clams is definitely a good idea to stock up and store then use when needed. The reason I don’t cook clams often as much as I like them is I have to get them fresh and I don’t go to the Asian supermarket that often to get the fresh ones.

    • love Chinese style too! I also thought that frozen clams won’t be good, but the ones I bought are fresh, and as a bonus, bigger than lala clams. The frozen ones I see at Giant don’t look very good so I never tried. I think it’s worth finding a good brand in your area so that can stock up in future :) and I think they need to be vacuum packed, else the clams will lose a lot of moisture if just frozen without vacuum.

  10. Just want you to know that I made these last night…Excellent.

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