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Okra (Lady Finger) with Sambal Belacan Dip

I’m back to blogging after a three-week break as I was on vacation. I’ll be cooking and posting more from now on to make up for it. The very first dish I cooked upon coming home is this almost-too-easy-to-post steamed lady finger (okra) with a no-cook spicy sambal belacan dip.

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This is so quick to whip up while totally satisfying my craving for local food. I have only one word for this simple dish and it is … shiok! They are so addictive dipped in the chilli that I wish I had grabbed a few more packets of okra to cook another batch right away.

Lady Finger with Sambal Belacan Dip Recipe

If you have leftover sambal belacan from this recipe, you can keep them in the fridge, covered, for about a week. They can be used as a condiment, or in stir-fries.

Lady Finger with Sambal Belacan Dip Recipe

7 comments on “Okra (Lady Finger) with Sambal Belacan Dip”

  1. I am halfway through my 3-week break/vacation and HOPEFULLY, I can start cooking more too.

    Love this simple steamed okra dish and the sambal belacan dip is a must.

  2. No wonder! Been coming back to check for new recipes and was wondering if you had run out of recipes. Haha. Glad to see u back!! Your recipes are brilliant. Keep them coming and thank u for sharing!!

  3. Hi, one question! What do you mean by the Belacan toasted in a dry heat pan?

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