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Sambal Eggs

As a spicy food lover, there is nothing I love more than hot and spicy sambal chilli. Cooking these sambal eggs (sambal telur) is easier than it looks, because I almost always have a ready stash of home-made sambal tumis in the fridge. The sambal chilli is not just a great condiment, it can also, like in this case, double up as a base sauce for cooking.  I alternate between cooking this dish with quail eggs (as shown in the photo above) and regular hen eggs. Instructions for cooking with both types of eggs are included in the recipe.

See Also:

Deep fried quail eggs
These quail eggs are hard-boiled, deep-fried (optional step which improves the taste and texture) and slathered in the hot sambal sauce.

Sambal Quail Eggs Recipe

They go incredibly well with steamed rice or the local favourite Nasi Lemak (Malaysian coconut rice). The taste is simply sedap!

Sambal Egg Recipe
This is regular hen egg (did not deep fry) and served Nasi Lemak style with achar, roasted peanuts and ikan bilis.

7 comments on “Sambal Eggs”

  1. Looks so yummy..
    Where can I buy sambal turnis. Any particular brand to recommend?

    • I make my own sambal and you can check out the recipe link on page two. I have not tried the ready made ones, I think it will be best if you can buy them fresh from the wet market, if not, I think most bottled brands sold at supermarket will be quite decent also.

  2. Delicious and yummy!

  3. Perfectly alright to not deep-fry as for me the sambal chili is enough in this sambal egg dish. :) So delicious and lovely presentation – you even have that kind of nasi lemak “plate”…v nice.

    • I saw the plate a couple of weeks back at those old neighbourhood shop and it is less than $2! Of course I grabbed it instantly ;)

  4. I loved sambal eggs, especially with nasi lemak. Yours look very tempting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. wow this is so flavourful and tasty. Love the nutrients packed quail eggs.

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