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MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
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Status Update: I took a break from serious cooking and recipe writing due to a fall/wrist injury two weeks ago. I’m much better now and regular recipe posting will resume soon :)

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MyKuali White Curry Noodles

The Penang white curry instant noodles craze started some time back (an instant noodles sensation is a once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon), and as usual, I am slow to pick up a fad. It was supposedly the brainchild of a homesick student’s (the co-founder of MyKuali, the brand which started this fad) cravings for a taste of home. It made The Ramen Rater 2013 list for the seventh spiciest noodles and they are popular both in Asia and overseas. It used to be difficult to find them in Singapore, as they are selling at obscure mini marts. I even know of people buying or ordering them from overseas.

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But by now, these ramen noodles (along with copycats with very similar packaging) have entered our mainstream supermarket shelves. With all the hype surrounding it, how can I give them a miss? :)

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
Front of packaging

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
Back of packaging. Made in Penang, Malaysia.

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
Ramen Noodles block (weight 67 grams)

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
Seasonings sachets consisting of curry paste, non-dairy creamer and seasoning powder. I always wonder why are they called white curry when the soup is not white? I bet it is due to the creamer, and I also read that the original Penang curry is actually white.

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
I added cockles (see hum), bean curd puffs (tau pok), and long beans. I “cooked” the cockles by adding them in a bowl, then I pour hot boiling water over them and cover the bowl with a lid for a few minutes. Drain the hot water and open the cooked cockles to extract the meat. Cook bean curd puffs and long beans in boiling water for 2 minutes.

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
Cook the noodles in boiling water until they just separate (much lesser than the stated timing of 3 minutes which I think will grossly overcook the noodles). I always cook the noodles and soup separately. Top the drained noodles with the prepared ingredients.

MyKuali White Curry Noodles
In a fresh pot of boiling water (instructions say 380 ml but I think 300 ml is more than enough) dissolve the curry paste, creamer and seasoning powder. Pour the soup over the noodles. I find the curry paste a bit hard to dissolve fully but it’s no biggie.

MyKuali White Curry Noodles

Enjoy :)

Product Name

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles
Kari Mee Putih Penang

Halal logo



I can’t comment on how close this is to the real thing, as I am not too familiar with Penang cuisine. But on its own, it is pretty decent and there is enough heat for spicy food lovers. You can adjust the water and chilli paste added to tweak the spiciness and richness of the soup to your liking. The husband love this much more than I do (he said they are the best!) I personally thought there was a slight “medicinal” taste which I can’t really identify, but he said there wasn’t. Maybe I have strange tastebuds? I also think I had the case of overly high expectations from all that hype. Overall, I do think it is decent and something different. It might be worthwhile keeping a few packets in the pantry to satisfy any sudden curry cravings (though my favourite for that category is still the simple and homely Maggi curry instant noodles which I grew up on – shall review that the next time!)

At S$3.80 for 5 packets (around there), I also thought it is a bit expensive compared to other instant noodles of the same weight (usually for this price you can buy Korean ramen which is much bigger serving).

Hot-O-Meter 7.5/10
Yummy-O-Meter 7/10

Where to Buy in Singapore

  • Shing Sheong and Giant supermarkets
  • Note: NTUC sells the Ah Lai brand with similar packaging; I haven’t tried it yet as I wanted to try the original brand (MyKuali) first.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

11 comments on “MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles”

  1. Hi Wiffy, pray that you are recovering well from your wrist injury, meanwhile refrain from carrying any heavy loads. Instant noodle is a rare thing in my kitchen but your bowl of noodles does look appetising!

  2. I am not really into instant noodles, but when I see all the stuff that can be added to it, I am very tempted to try…hope you have a speedy recovery Wiffy :D

  3. Aiyo, I did not know you injure your wrist? :O What happened? Hope you are better now.

    Is this better than the PrimaTaste Curry noodles? I am also not familiar with Penang cuisine so don’t know the taste of white curry. Now, we have white kopi, white curry, what’s next? :P

    • Oh I only posted on my Instagram. Floor was wet, I slipped & fell. I must have used my wrist to break fall as it was bruised & swollen for the first few days. Now much better though there is some angle cannot turn haha … cooking now only for the blog & other than that, I’m eating out or tabao. Actually quite nice for a change but hard to maintain the low-carb dinner diet when I can’t exercise or make my own dinner heheh… white kopi is nice!

      Never try PrimaTaste Curry noodles before … Nice?

    • I see. Just make do with the change till your wrist is ok.

      The PrimaTaste Laksa noodles was voted #2 (or #1? I forgot) in the ramen rank chart. The curry noodles shd be nice too? Review it the next time :P I only tried the laksa noodles before, not the curry noodles. The noodles is completely different from those maggi, myojo, kind of noodles. It is thicker and quite al-dente. So if you like that kind of noodles…then will appreciate.

  4. That looks very appetizing!

  5. In people it was sold at wet markets @ RM8.50 which is very expensive. Many thought we might as well go for the curry mee at the stalls. Now price have come down to RM6.20-6.90 and easily available at supermarts with many competitive brands. I don’t mind having this noodle during busy days like the way you do. The soup tasted better when you boil the curry paste, seasoning and the tofu puffs for a while before adding the creamer and noodles. Yummy with mint leaves.

    • Sorry typo error – In Penang not people.

    • thanks for the tip for cooking it, and adding mint leaves, I will do so next time :) and wow, I thought this will be significantly cheaper in Penang, where it originates from. But still cheaper than here. thanks for sharing!

  6. Delicious curry flavour! Really love this and would like to try out the other brand too when I get a chance.

  7. “$3.80 for 5 packets (around there), I also thought it is a bit expensive”

    LOL I wish. Almost $5.00 per on Amazon. I’ll never get to taste the glorious soup again.

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