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Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

Just for fun, I decided to post occassional reviews of the instant noodles I am currently eating and loving. Why not? Since instant foods are staples of a noob cook, I grew up on them (not milk, not rice) and still eat them frequently. I love to try out new flavours.

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun (Instant Noodles)

I’ll start with the most recent instant noodles discovery of mine (I know I am s-l-o-w): Samyang’s Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen  (Buldalk Bokkeummyeon). I picked it up because it was the second most popular instant noodles at the Korean supermarket I was browsing at. There was a huge chilli icon at the price tag indicating hot. That really piqued my curiosity.

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Coincidentally, it was also rated second on The Ramen Rater’s Top 10 Spiciest Instant Noodles 2013 Edition (thanks adelinekcy on instagram for the info). Since I love spicy foods, I can’t give this a miss :)

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun
The packaging in Korean (front)

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun
The packaging in Korean (back)

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun (Instant Noodles)
The ramen noodle block. It weighs 110 grams. Unless you are super hungry or a big eater, I think it’s good for two persons to share.

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun (Instant Noodles)
Besides the noodles, each packet also come with two sachets.
Top panel: seaweed and sesame seeds (for garnishing and topping)
Bottom panel: the potent hot sauce

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun
Just cook the noodles in a pot of water for a few minutes. Drain and transfer noodles to serving bowl, add in the hot sauce seasoning and mix well. Did a taste test at this point in time – yes they are indeed very very very hot :D

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun
Sprinkle the sachet of seaweed and sesame seeds to garnish.

Samyang Fried Chicken Ramyun (Instant Noodles)
Here are the noodles, dressed up with cheese sausages and greens for a more complete meal.

Product Name(s)

Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen
Samyeun Fried Chicken Ramyun
Buldalk Bokkeummyeon

Halal logo

Yes (thanks reader Farah for the update)


This is the HOTTEST instant noodles I have tried, even by my standard for someone who loves spicy food. Perhaps I am not that good with spicy foods as I think I am? puhaha … I had bee-stung lips and stuffy eyes/nose while eating. It is quite tasty, just simply too hot for me to finish in one go. They can use this for Running Man challenge – maybe two sachet of sauce for one small serving (haha). I recommend you add half or three-quarter pack of seasoning if this is your first time trying it. I eat this as a mood uplifter – you can’t feel down while your tongue is on fire at the same time, right?

Hot-O-Meter 9.5 out of 10
Yummy-O-Meter 8.5 out of 10 (if you can get pass the heat)

Where to Buy in Singapore

  • Korean supermarkets
  • Shing Sheong supermarket (thanks yenjan07 on instagram for sharing).

Average price

S$6.90 for a packet of five

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

42 comments on “Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen”

  1. Is it halal even without halal logo?

    • it depends. I bought 5 packs of the same Ramen in Korea but with Chicken flavor, and after I read the ingredients turns out it’s not Halal. Well of course given it contains Chicken that is not killed the Halal way (somehow, this slipped out of my mind when buying). Now I couldn’t eat any of the 5 packs I bought ;(

  2. HaHa. Normally Koreans eat with rice & cheese.
    You add string cheese or pizza cheese on top of the noodle & hit up in microwave for 1mins.
    Another ways is when u cook, remain a little bit water, add samgak-kimbob or normal half bowl of rice & mix with it. Then it would be less spicy.
    Always big fan of your blog. happy to see the food that i know finally. yay~!

  3. Just go for the whole packet – if you water it down, it’s not worth undertaking the challenge in the first place! Lovely flavour, and excellent for if you have a cold – we keep a pack ready for whenever it’s flu season! Challenge wise, it’s actually easier if you eat it quickly – the slower you consume it, the more drawn out it becomes – so all those guys trying to eat it in under a certain time aren’t really achieving much. On the heat scale, for anyone who’s been to Nando’s, For a quick guess, I’d say it’s about 2.5 to three times the strength of a Nando’s extra hot.

  4. Where can you eat that noodles

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