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Mushroom Rice Paper Rolls

In my previous recipe, I made stir-fry mixed mushroom for meal prep and I used them the next day to make these mushroom rice paper rolls. My paper rice (aka Vietnamese fresh spring rolls or summer rolls) are unlike the usual Vietnamese rolls with various fillings such as meat, rice noodles, capsicum and carrot. My mushroom rice paper rolls contains just one filling – the cooked mushrooms (wrapped in lettuce) – so this mushroom rice paper roll is really simple to prepare and make! It’s a great way to eat lots of mushrooms with minimal carbs (the rice paper). The simple fillings made it easy to wrap the roll, making this mushroom rice paper roll perfect for noobs.

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Mushroom Rice Paper Rolls Recipe


Mushroom Rice Paper Rolls Ingredients

These are the main ingredients for my mushroom rice paper rolls.

  • (1) I bought a mushroom platter from Don Don Donki when it is on clearance sale. It contained four mushrooms. You can buy the mushrooms individually to make this recipe.
  • (2) I made a stir-fry mixed mushroom with the mushroom platter (except the king oyster mushroom). It can keep in the fridge for about 3 days.
  • (3) On the day of making the mushroom spring roll, I grilled king oyster mushroom (eringi) from the mushroom pack on a griddle pan. The grilled sliced mushrooms will be on the outside of the spring roll, making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to identify the filling of the spring rolls.
  • (4) You need lots of green lettuce to wrap these Vietnamese spring rolls. Try to buy green lettuce with a soft core and large leaves, such as coral lettuce. 
  • (5) I used 22cm (8.6 inch) Vietnamese rice papers which you can purchase from local supermarkets.
  • Others – As for the dipping sauce, I did not have the time to make one. You can use bottled Vietnamese chilli sauce, or any type of salad dressing. You can also eat the spring rolls on its own without dipping sauce, as the mushrooms are already well seasoned.

STEP-BY-STEP (Mushroom Rice Paper Rolls)

Mushroom Rice Paper Rolls Steps

(1) Arrange the ingredients on the rice paper as shown. Place the grilled king oyster mushroom on top – it will be the top ‘face’ of the spring roll.
(2) Fold up the bottom side, followed by the left and right sides of the rice paper.
(3) Roll the wrap away from you, while keeping the fillings tight. When you reach the base of the king oyster mushroom, insert a decorative chive or spring onion & protrude it out a little (optional).
(4) Continue rolling the last portion of the spring roll. Flip the spring roll over to reveal the aesthetic side showing the grilled king oyster mushroom and it’s done!

Mushroom Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

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  1. Very yummy and healthful. Have a safe and fun holiday season!

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