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Lemon barley drink

This lemon barley drink (柠檬薏米水) is an easy and refreshing drink that is perfect for the hot tropical summer days. The barley drink tastes good on its own, but for added vitamin C & colour, add a few drops of lemon juice and a slice of lemon. Winter melon sugar complement the taste of barley more than rock sugar in my opinion, but it is not as sweet, so you can add a small amount of rock sugar, to taste, to sweeten up at the end if you like. This cooling tea is mild enough to drink daily. For step-by-step photos for making barley drink, check out this detailed tutorial here.

37 comments on “Lemon barley drink”

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  2. erms can i ask how much lemon juice to add?

    • Just a little will do. A few drops to a tablespoon because pure lemon juice is very sour. Start small and adjust the amount to your liking.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful receipe! Very refreshing.

  4. My mum used to cook this but it was purely barley & candied melon. I tried your recipe and my hubby loves it – the pandan fragrance and the slice of lemon makes him happy! Tks for sharing. :)

    • Hi, I’m glad your hubby likes the addition of pandan and lemon. I went to your blog and there is lots of delicious foods there, thanks for your comment :)

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