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Kau Kee Soup (Wolfberry Leaves Soup)

This kau kee soup (枸杞菜汤) is a “one-dish” soup with greens, meat, egg and wolfberries in it. It is nutritious, delicious and quick-cooking. All I need to complete my meal is a bowl of warm steamed rice to go with it.

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Kau Kee (Wolfberry/Goji Berry Leaf)
Kau kee (also known as boxthorn/wolfberry leaf/枸杞菜) is actually the leaves of the wolfberry (goji berry/枸杞) plant. The leaves wither fast, so do try to use it within 1-2 days of purchase. I will wash, prep and spin dry the leaves on the day of purchase, keep them in a salad jar overnight in the fridge, and use them for cooking within 1-2 days. A packet of kau kee (200-250g) provide substantial leafy greens in a pot of soup which serves up to 4 persons, so it is a “high cp” veg for me ^_^.

Sharp thorns on "kau kee" (wolfberry/goji berry leaf)
The stalks of the wolfberry plant is filled with sharp spikes resembling the thorns of a rose stalk. Be very careful in handling and disposal of the kau kee stalks.

3 comments on “Kau Kee Soup (Wolfberry Leaves Soup)”

  1. Haven’t had this vegetable in ages! I remember I had it with century eggs quite often during the summer time back home. Your soup looks really appetizing!

  2. Love kau kee cai very much but don’t like the “plucking” part of separating the leaves from the thorny stalks.

    I like that you use the word “high cp” vegetable….in other words, meaning cheap and good! The kind of shopper I am ..lol

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