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Hotate Mentaiyaki

When I am in the mood for a treat, I will add mentaiko or marinated pollock roe to my shopping basket. Besides making a quick & super-indulgent mentaiko pasta with it, my other favourite use is to bake half-shelled scallops in mentaiko sauce, aka Hotate Meitaiyaki.

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If serving scallops in half shells is beautiful, there must be a word beyond beautiful for scallops baked with mentaiko sauce – I simply adore the pastel orange hue when baked. I love to order this dish at Japanese restaurants, but they are often pricey and stingy with the fish roe. So I am really happy that I can make this at home easily – only taking about 15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to bake in the oven.

Using colorless mentaiko (明太子) will result in a pale appearance while using the coloured type (pictured above) will result in a gorgeous pastel orange sauce. Be sure to buy the right type of mentaiko accordingly to your preference. This is how I scrap out the roe the back of a small knife or a small spoon after making a slit on the membrane.

Hotate Mentaiyaki

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  1. Where do you normally buy your mentaiko from? So far I’ve only managed to buy during the Japanese food fairs at Isetan..

    • Hi Jasmine, you can purchase mentaiko from the supermarket located at Isetan Scotts, Singapore. It’s available whole year round :)
      P.S Just added this information to the cooking notes of this recipe.

    • it look very delicious! How much the mentaiko usualy cost?

    • the pack I bought (see photo on page two) costs abt S$14. usually within S$10-S$20 depends on the weight.

    • Thanks for your reply! I figured Isetan Scotts is the only place I can get mentaiko in SG, was hoping there would be some place else =P

    • no problem, oh just remembered Sakuraya sells frozen mentaiko too, you can check it out. I buy before, but personally prefer the quality of the mentaiko from Isetan.

    • Wiffy – Anywhere in the east sells mentaiko? Not fancy going all the way to central and west side to buy. =.=

    • hey kisetsu, not sure … Cold Storage at Tampines 1 may have? There is a Sakuraya at Parkway Parade too.

  2. Wow, what a lovely site you have here. Glad to have found you.
    Have a lovely evening.

  3. Looks delicious! Love the baked scallop in this.

  4. I never even tried mentaiko before, not to talk about the sauce made from it :O

  5. I love the flavours you’ve used here – so clean and fresh and perfect for this time of year!

  6. Scallop plus fish roe – how unami it could be : )! The mentaiko roe together with mayonnaise have made a lovely hue.

  7. You bet I love SCALLOPS! These look so pretty and appetizing!

  8. omg yummm!!! i need to follow this! can’t bake in shell? (lazy question heheh)

  9. Do I need to bake the scallop first? Can I combine all the ingredients and bake? I am also very lazy. Tks.

  10. My favourite elements are all here, Hotate and Mentaiko! Loving it!

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