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Honey Baked Chicken Wings

These Chinese-style chicken wings tasted deliciously like bbq chicken wings and were cooked the fuss-free way, entirely in the oven. The marinade ingredients – honey, oyster sauce, sesame oil and soy sauce – are pantry staples in a Chinese kitchen.

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Although they are baked/roasted in the oven, these wings have a beautiful sticky glaze due to cameralisation of the honey.  We always fight over the last few pieces at the dinner table.

honey baked wings
The secret to great tasting oven grilled chicken wings, to me, is to rest the chicken pieces on a wire rack so that the excess oil can drip onto a foil-lined tray beneath (see photo of oven set up above). Otherwise, the part of the chicken touching the roasting tray will be soggy and oily.

honey baked wings

67 comments on “Honey Baked Chicken Wings”

  1. Hi Wiffy,

    It looks great, I believe I’ll try a similar version, to what you’ve made here, but I’m going to grill mine. I’ve been looking for an excuse to grill. :)

    Last week I made chicken legs with a ginger honey garlic sauce those went over well.

  2. Wiffy, the chicken wings look so, so yummy! Nice and golden and with the sambal sauce in the background .. super heavenly. I absolutely want some!

  3. Hi noobccok,

    Thank for the fantastice recipe.
    Pls kindly explain this part “Freeze the end tips for making chicken stock.”
    Thank you for explaination in advance.

    • Hi Aysha, I updated the recipe with a link for home-made chicken stock. In that recipe, I used roasted chicken bones, but you can also use fresh chicken bones. Just add the end tips, thawed, to the pot of chicken bones.

  4. Thanks for the simple recipe!

    Do you have any tips that would make cleaning of the rack a lot easier after baking? I always get chicken skin stuck on mine and it gets painful to scrub clean!

    • Grease the wire rack with cooking oil before placing chicken on it. To clean, soak rack in water for about half hour. Use a hard bristles brush or a rough scrubbing pad to scrub clean.

  5. Love this! Thanks for providing e tip on e foil-lined tray!

  6. i tried this and my girls like it.. thanks!! =)

  7. Hihi, can i put the chicken directly on the tray instead of wire rack ? Thanks a lot. Btw, u r superb wif all your nice, easy recipe.. I regretted buying so many cooking book.. Cheers

    • Hi, wire rack will be better because 1) the oil can drip down, leaving you with less oily baked wings, and 2) the part of the chicken touching the tray might be soggy. However, if you don’t have a wire rack you can definitely use a tray instead.

  8. I miss honey chicken from East Coast food centre!!!
    I should try this recipe and remember the good old days! : D

  9. Made this last night, delicious! Thanks for the recipe :)

  10. Thanks for your good share. I love this dish a lot and it is quick and easy to prepare.

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