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Crispy Fried Wontons

Fried Wontons

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I rarely cooked before I have my own home. I never have to worry about food on the dinner table all my life because both my parents are excellent cooks, and my dad also knew where to find all the good food outside. Besides instant noodles, the only other dish which I learned to cook back then was this fried wontons (wrapped dumpling with meat fillings).

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I usually prepare the marinaded filling myself, after which my mum & I will wrap the wontons together. Then she will help me deep fry the wontons while I hid far away because I was scared of oil splatters. Now that I am staying on my own, I have to do everything by myself including the deep frying. This was the one and only so-called “proper” dish which I can make even when I had zero experience in cooking back then and I still enjoy making it now.  One difference between  home-made and outside version is that the latter is often without water chestnut, which to me is so important to me because of  the nice crunch it gives to the dumplings.

Fried Wontons Recipe

Ready for the sizzle

In case you are wondering if these wontons can be boiled instead of deep fried, yes you can.  I frequently make wonton soup or wonton noodles with them and they are great.

28 comments on “Crispy Fried Wontons”

  1. I like the crunch that the water chestnuts add to the filling. Yum!
    Me too! Never knew how to cook till I had my own home.

  2. They remind me of Spanish empanadas. I have used wonton wrappers for my Spanish picadillo and I just love the crispiness of the wonton. Wish I had a few of yours right now. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Hi, Love ur simple, fuss-free recipes…my kind of style! I would love to share recipes too but unfortunately, I am the “agar agar” type of cook…can’t describe how much of what to add to x ingredient :-)
    Question : what brand of wanton skin to use, esp for soup cos it needs to be soft n thin,rite?

    • Hi Michelle, sorry for my late reply. I did not choose a brand for the wonton skin, basically just got them at NTUC, they are vacuum packed :)

  4. I love the KimChi wantan served by Kim Gary.

  5. Drooling over your receipes again! You always made food look so good!

    Do you think it is okay to use this exact receipe into a soup version? :)

  6. Looks yummy! Can’t wait to try.

    Any idea if popiah skin can be used instead of wanton skin? cos I don’t we have that where I am!

    • as in spring roll skin? because popiah skin as I know is the white, paper thin type and I don’t think it can be deep-fried. wonton skin will be thinner and better, but if you don’t it, you can try substituting with the spring roll skin.



  8. Can I know how long should I fry the wonton if I’m using Philips Airfryer and what is the temperature? Btw, have u fry black pomfret using Philips Airfryer?

    • Hi, I have not used the airfryer to fry wontons so far… but if you check the recipe booklets that come with the air fryer, you can get the approximate temperature and duration. I believe they have fried wontons recipe in it. HTHs

  9. Notice ur wanton doesn’t include egg white as part of the stuffing, does it make a difference? Because I have another recipe that has egg white.

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