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French Toast

French Toast

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Though I’m not a bread person, an exception is made for French Toast (also known as “eggy bread“), which is basically pan-fried bread slices dipped in a beaten egg mixture. I recall French Toast as the only western dish which my mum cooked for us in my childhood. This recipe though, is not my mum’s but from my secondary school’s Home Economics class.

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I think my Home Econs teacher will be proud if she knew that after more than a decade after graduating, her student still remembered her recipe vividly! This is an easy and minimalist method for French Toast with only a few key ingredients, all of which are kitchen pantry staples (egg, bread, sugar, oil, milk). It is common to serve French Toast with maple syrup and some berries or fruits on the side; though personally, I enjoy French Toast the most when eating it on its own.

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Making French toast Whisk eggs, sugar and milk until well combined in a bowl.
Making French toast Dip the bread in the egg mixture, one slice at a time, until saturated on both sides.
Making French toast Dip the bread in the egg mixture, one slice at a time, until saturated on both sides.
French Toast Heat oil in cooking pan and either swirl the pan or use a pastry brush to coat the surface evenly with oil.
French Toast You may eat it on its own or serve it with one or more of the following: slice of butter, maple syrup, berries/cherry tomatoes and/or sprinkle some sugar on top of the bread.

15 comments on “French Toast”

  1. Very tasty and filling!

  2. Good morning Wiffy
    Thanks for your recipe! Made these, they are delicious! Taste just like the one my landlady used to make for me and cousin. They bring back fond memories ;)

  3. i made mine without the milk as i had neither handy and still tastes good but i think my mum-in-law used more sugar back then and didn’t use milk. what’s the purpose of the milk Wiffy?

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