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Stir-fried French Beans with Egg

French beans with egg (四季豆炒蛋) is a comfort food dish which I grew up eating. It is an alternative version of my mum’s long beans omelette recipe, with the beans cut to longer slices. It is really simple to cook with only 3 main ingredients (french beans, egg and garlic), and especially enjoyable with a bowl of porridge.

French Beans with Egg

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It is simple home-cooked dishes like this which I never get tired of eating all these years. I always try to buy french beans when I am busy, because I know I can whip up this healthy dish quickly (in about 15 minutes) and effortlessly. This is just perfect for eating light or/and busy nights.

First posted in Dec 2007, now updated with improved recipe.

20 comments on “Stir-fried French Beans with Egg”

  1. Hey Wiffy,

    I love simple recipes and I guess nothing beats what mum cooks.

  2. My kids like it with long bean. I cook just like how you do it. Yummy! Oh, I use the same olive oil too! :)

  3. Woooo…I like this. A family dish. But what are baby fine beans? I usually use long beans or french beans and cut them to small pieces.

  4. Love your illustrated guide to cooking – so easy to understand!

  5. I cook this dish often too, with long beans. Baby fine beans has more crunch thou.

  6. tigerfish: they look similar looking to french beans and I wonder if they are the same too

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  8. I think you have a very good recipes website, especially with the illustrated guide. Thank you so much.. I’m just beginning to learn cooking in mid-20s. Hope its not too late to reach your standard soon ;)

    • Hello Angela, thanks for your kind words. I have no standard at all, you will become as good and better than me in no time at all hehe :) Happy cooking!

  9. Hi Wiffy, this is one of your many receipes I tried. Yummy!
    I innovated a little with smashed fried salted fish (I reduced amount of soya sauce), it turn out great as well. If you are salted fish lover, you might want to give a shot. Thanks again for all your wonderful, easy to understand receipes.

  10. That’s my family dish too :)

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