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Fish Cake Omelette

Fish Cake Omelette

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This is an unbelievably fast and easy recipe. I have a few fish cakes (鱼饼) in the fridge which I intend to pan-fry and eat with porridge for lunch. Then I remembered my mum used to whip my this simple fish cake omelette dish to go with plain porridge during our school days. So I rang her up and asked her how she made it, and she gave me the instructions in under one minute – there are really so few ingredients and steps. Ten minutes later, this omelette was cooked.

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Fish cakes and fried eggs are nice on their own, but when paired together, they are heavenly. My mum explained that minimal ingredients are needed since the fish cakes are already salty and flavourful on their own.

Fish Cake Omelette

As some readers have commented, for some reason this omelette looks and tastes slightly like Chinese carrot cake (chai tow kuey)!

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  1. Appreciate if you can show me where is the Translate button that used to be on your blog.

  2. Just made this. Fantastic!

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