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Eggless Tiramisu

Eggless Tiramisu Recipe

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This recipe is courtesy of my buddy Anemone who came over my place and taught me how to make tiramisu, a popular Italian dessert. Tiramisu literally meant “pick me up” thanks to the ingredients coffee, liquor and sugar. She had a lot of experience making tiramisu and she do not even need to refer to a recipe during the making. So I took advantage of her expertise and let her do most of the work while I’m just snapped some photos hehe. For convenience, we made the tiramisu directly in two 13x13cm square Lock&Lock containers so that we can lid and chill it right away.  Both of us prefer the eggless version because we are not entirely comfortable with eating raw eggs and without eggs, it will also keep longer in the fridge. If you have a bit of leftover cream and ingredients from making the layered cake, serve the tiramisu in a glass (or ramekin) recipe which uses the same base tiramisu recipe.

Printable Recipe
 Eggless Tiramisu Recipe 1. In a large mixing bowl, mix mascarpone chese, vanilla extract, sugar and kahlua (coffee liquor) with a spatula until  well combined. Then fold in the thickened cream until the mixture is of a nice creamy consistency.
Eggless Tiramisu Recipe 2. Add espresso coffee and kahlua in a wide and shallow dish. Dip one lady fingers biscuit halfway lengthwise and quickly in the coffee solution.
Eggless Tiramisu Recipe 3. Arranged dipped lady fingers biscuit within a food container to form one layer of the cake. Spread a layer of cream mixture you prepared earlier over the biscuits with the back of your spoon.
Eggless Tiramisu Recipe 4. Dust a thin layer of cocoa powder using a fine sieve.
Eggless Tiramisu Recipe 5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to form a second layer of cake. Cover with lid and chill the cake for a few hours till set. Slice and serve with fresh berries.
Eggless tiramisu (served in a glass) recipe 6. If you have leftover ingredients, serve the tiramisu in a ramekin or martini glass. Get the recipe here.

87 comments on “Eggless Tiramisu”

  1. How long does it take to bake the eggless tiramisu?

  2. LOL…..”Eggless” – TOTALLY MISLEADING. Savoiardo (ladyfingers) CONTAIN EGGS. If someone with egg allergy makes this recipe, he could even die. PLEASE know the facts before posting such recipes. Of course, it is not made with zabaglione (which uses raw eggs) but zabaglione can also be made SAFER by whisking eggs over bain-marie. Just a request !! No hard feelings.

    • Like CBelle, I too, pointed out in post number 44 that the recipe was not eggfree when made using Italian ladyfinger biscuits.

      In no way should this recipe be given the misleading title of Eggless Tiramisu when, with the ingredients used, it clearly is not. CBelle is quite right, any unsuspecting person could make this recipe up, serve it as eggless, and give someone a massive allergic reaction as the recipe stands now.

      In my post numbered 44 I offered a suggestion to make the recipe truely eggfree.

    • Hey Jeannie, after I read your comment in 2011, I did amend the recipe and added a note before the start of the recipe, to substitute ladyfinger biscuits to eggless sponge cake for those allergic to eggs. I also thanked you in the note, for your suggestion. I have bumped up this paragraph to make it more prominent. Thanks.

  3. Hi, your tiramisu sure looks tempting =) I wish to give it a shot! But am wondering if you will recommend whipping cream or thickened cream for better taste? I notice that you only use 2 tablespoons of thickened cream. Can the rest of the thickened cream be saved for future use? cuz the bottle itself is usually 200/300 ml?

  4. I have problem after mixing the cheese & whipped cream the mixture become lumpy .. 3rd try .. haizz pl help

  5. very interested to try this out!!

    but can i know where i can get kahlua in singapore? issit expensive?

    • Hi Ivy, getting it in DFS at the airport will be much, much cheaper than in town. I can’t remember how much I got it for, but it should be less than $30 at DFS. a bottle lasts a long time for me :)

  6. Kahlua: You can get them from DFS for 1 Litre at the airport upon arrival. Or from Cold Storage but it is expensive there. Since I’ve finished my Kahlua, I’ve started using Brandy for the last 2 years and it tastes just as good. I even experimented with Whisky :-)
    Eggs: If you are afraid of raw eggs, you can double-boil them before usage.
    Thanks for the receipe – I will try it without eggs soon nevertheless.

  7. looks delish..it’ll be perfect for the holidays…i should try this soon

  8. Do you seriously only use 2 tablespoons of cream? That’s a really measly amt to whip.

  9. Hi..if im using whipping cream it’s also 2 tbsp?

  10. Hi, just tried to make this . However, my mixture A is not as smooth and creamy as in your photo. Wonder where went wrong? Appreciate your advice.

    • Is your cheese straight from fridge and still hard? Did you use thickened cream? If not, the whipping cream need to be whipped before using.

    • Yes took and used it off the fridge . I supposed that’s not the way.
      I used thicken cream and whip it still as I wasn’t sure of the instructions then..

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