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Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

We are all familiar with Coca-Cola (Coke) as a drink but do you know it can be used in cooking too? Coca-Cola Chicken Wings (可乐鸡翅), is a classic Chinese recipe where Coke is used as the base of the simmering sauce, which not only tenderises but also cameralises the chicken wings. The result is delicious, finger-licking good chicken wings with a sweet & sticky glaze.

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Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

This is a super easy recipe with only a few ingredients and steps. I used to drink 1 can of Coke a day in my teens but nowadays I hardly touch any sweet drinks now as I became conscious about sugar intake. Sneaking in Coke into home cooking somehow feels less guilty than drinking it (even if it’s not true)!

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

59 comments on “Coca-Cola Chicken Wings”

  1. tried this recipe tonite. like that it needed only a few basic seasonings, and was easy, but the wings turned out yummy. combining two of my fav food. lol. definitely will make this again. thanks for the recipe.

  2. Thank you for this wonderfully easy yet yummy recipe! Tried it last week and we finished 8 chicken wings within mins! Like to check if we can add rice wine to the recipe? Thanks!

  3. At first I thought I put too much cola and water, but once the water evaporates with the boiling of the sauce, it starts to be thicken. Hah, for ppl like myself, who took the coke directly from the fridge, it will take a lot longer… since I have to wait for the sauce to boil. So lucky I found this site. It will be my saving grace when I move to Aussie without my parents’ home cooking =P

    • thanks, glad it’s a success. yes it does seem a lot of sauce at first, but it will nicely cameralised and thicken as the sauce simmers.

  4. I tried this yesterday and it was a blast! Awesome recipe and I am totally hooked on this! Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    May I know if it’s possible to use chicken fillets instead of the wings / drumsticks?

    Thank you!

  6. Can we bake the chicken wings?

  7. Hi Wiffy,
    I put 100ml water and more dark soya sauce as it tasted bland and looked light even after simmering for 15 min. The longer it simmers, say at least 30min, the better it tastes.

    • Hi Pauline, did you use the cooking/baking measurement spoons for tsp/tbsp not the silver spoons we use as cutlery? Yes, feel free to adjust the ingredients/simmering time to suit your preference.

  8. Yes, I used measuring spoon. My improvised method worked. It was yummy! Thanks!

  9. Did i need to put salt and garlic on it,,,?

  10. Hi wiffy! Did you simmer with lid or without?

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