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Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly

Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly

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This is a fun way to consume chrysanthemum tea … by eating it! It is really simple with a box of konnyaku jelly powder. Using brewed chrysanthemum tea instead of plain water, there is no artificial colouring or flavouring in this jelly.

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Chrysanthemum tea is known to be an excellent thirst quencher because of its “cooling” property which means it lowers body heat. This dessert is perfect for our tropical heat. This is a truly refreshing, healthy and yummy dessert.

Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly

I was first introduced to this dessert when my friend Anemone made some for me to try. It was love at first bite … thanks for teaching me how to make it!

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  1. Ooooo ..I love konnyaku jelly! Used to make them with fruits when I was still living in Singapore, but have stopped making it ever since I’ve moved to Melbourne. Now that it’s summer over here, I might make some of these, and share it with the locals here:) Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Hi! I tried to make the dessert but it turned up to be a failure as they were extremely bitter, probably due to the amount of wolfberries that were put into the boiling hot water of Chrysanthemum tea together with a packet of 10g konnyaku jelly powder. In the end, I have no choice but to throw them into the bin. Sigh!

  3. tried it for the first time, thumbs up! love your step by step recipes, great help for learners like me =) gonna try out more from your site ^^

  4. interestin recipe! when i tried my wolfberries will just float = it wun stay inside in the jelly like urs! how did you do it?

  5. It looks pretty n yummy. Am thinking of trying to make for my office potluck as dessert. May I know where can i get the mold? Thanks!

    • I bought from an old 杂货店 which sells all sorts of crockery. I think you can find it at Phoon Huat or Sia Huat … you can google these two places for the contact.

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  7. This is a really lovely treat that can be prepared in less than 20min. My family loves it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks so much for your fuss-free recipe! My first attempt making konnyaku jelly chrysanthum tea flavour & I added some wolfberries (as like your osmanthus jelly), it was a great success today! The output jelly looks good & tastes good, I am happy with it :). Your instructions are clear & easy to follow, really glad that I chance upon your blog.

  9. Hi
    is it suitable to add in osmanthus flower?


  10. Hi,
    Do u know if it is possible to just use chrysanthemum tea, sugar and gelatin?

    • I have not tried with gelatin, so not sure about how the texture will turn out but you can experiment.

    • I have tried it with gelatin. It is very refreshing. However, I m not able to remove the jelly out of the moulds. Will make in cups and eat with spoon next time.

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