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Chicken & Daikon Soup (Rice Cooker Recipe)

Chicken & Daikon Soup Recipe

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Last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting tigerfish from teczcape when she came back to Singapore for a few days. Tigerfish recently published a cookbook, The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook, and I was really lucky to receive a signed copy from her. Prior to tigerfish’s cookbook, the only thing I know how to cook in the rice cooker is … rice!

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So imagine my pleasant surprise, as I was flipping through the cookbook, to find more than 300 rice cooker recipes. And it’s not just rice you can cook in a rice cooker. Thanks to her cookbook, I learned how to make a hearty pot of chicken and daikon (white radish) soup. This is a nourishing soup with “cooling” & “qi-balancing” properties. Daikon, like luo han guo (monk’s fruit), is known to be good for soothing a sore throat. With the rice cooker method, the water boils quickly and the soup cooks itself with minimal effort (plus, no need to watch the flame like stove top cooking).  The chicken was so tender from the prolonged yet gentle simmering, the meat was practically falling off the bones.

Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook
What I like most about this book is: despite the versatility of rice cooker cooking, you don’t even need a high-end rice cooker to cook the dishes. All the dishes, I was told, can be whipped up in a traditional and inexpensive “keep warm/cook” rice cooker. I think this book is perfect for those into one-pot cooking, and extremely useful for people who wish to expand their range of cooking with minimal appliances. The book brings out the versatility of one-pot cooking teaching you techniques such as steaming, stir-frying, stewing and braising, all in the rice cooker. Now I know that besides rice, I can also cook pasta, congee, seafood, desserts, curries, stews, vegetables and more.

Chicken & Daikon Soup Recipe

I would like to congratulate tigerfish on her cookbook. I must say that despite being academically brilliant, running a successful blog and now, a cookbook author, tigerfish is one of the most humble and down-to-earth person I know. I wish her continued success & more opportunities in future to bring her passions to even greater heights :)

73 comments on “Chicken & Daikon Soup (Rice Cooker Recipe)”

  1. Hi, I notice that when you cook chicken, you always discard the first cooking liquid. (After the water with chicken is boiled, u discard this water, fill up pot with fresh water, can start cooking proper). Why is it so?
    And sometimes u blanch ( which I think is just pouring boiling water to the chicken). Are these two methods interchangeable?
    If its to get rid is the dirty particles, do we need to use the same method when handling pork?
    Thanks in advance.. Learning how to cook, so a lot of questions..
    But yr website is great! Very detailed!!
    Oh one more thing.. Is Chinese wine 花调酒?

    • This process of “blanching” the meat before the actual cooking remove the scum and dirty bits so that you can get clear soup later. Alternatively, you can cook the soup first, then skim off the top layer with a skimmer (I prefer the former method).

      No, I don’t blanch chicken by just pouring hot water on it, as it’s not enough to remove the scum, and doing so will cause a weird smell as the meat will only be so slightly cooked. I blanch by simply boiling for about 3-5 mins. Same for pork.

      In my recipe, Chinese wine is indicated as Hua Tiao (花调)/Shao Hsing.

  2. Hi. What ingredient can i replaced for dried scallop? Im currently in taiwan and i couldnt find any place selling dried scallop. And also there’s no dark say sauce. I dunno what sauce to replace dark soy sauce for ur sesame oil chicken.
    Pls help. Thanks

    • the dried scallop only helps to sweeten the soup. Feel free to omit or to add an additional piece of chicken bone if you like. You can omit the dark soy sauce for the sesame oil chicken, just use light soy sauce. The dark soy gives it a darker colour and slightly sweeter taste.

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  6. Hi, may I know what’s the purpose of adding ginger to the soup? Can it be omitted? Thx.

  7. Hi, can pls check with u where can i get this cookbk in singapore?

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