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Claypot Chicken with Bitter Gourd

Claypot Chicken with Bittergourd

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Where food pairings go, I think chicken and bitter gourd is like a marriage made in heaven. I believe that those who do not like bitter gourd may find the vegetable more acceptable when cooked in this way. In this recipe, the chicken and bitter gourd are simmered in a claypot (苦瓜焖鸡) with a savoury taucheo (soya bean paste) sauce.

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This is total comfort food to me. Claypot is excellent for braises and stews like this because not only does it add flavour to the food, it also conduct the heat evenly throughout the casserole and you can serve the dish right away in the claypot. I cooked this pot in advance and heat it up for dinner. If you do not have a claypot, you can still cook this dish using a wok or pot.

Claypot Chicken with Bittergourd

30 comments on “Claypot Chicken with Bitter Gourd”

  1. actually i planning to cook this for dinner today, your look so yummy too.

  2. i love anything with fermented black beans! yum!

  3. This combination, bittergourd with chicken is quite new to me. I only stir fry bittergourd with beef or eggs, hehe… Will try yours next time. :)

  4. hi wiffy,
    where did u buy your claypot from? been looking for one for a long time but those that I see at the hardware shops look very dirty or the clay material look “powdery”. i was thinking whether the “tanyu” brand of claypots are as good.

    • hey SS! Sorry I was joking to you about the sparkles nickname, feel free to use it as you like. I got my claypot at the straight row of shophouses facing Chinatown Complex (the big hawker). One of the shops sell crockery including the claypots. I think tanyu is more famous for their double-boilers for soup? But for claypot, maybe this type is more authentic and traditional esp if you want it for making claypot rice. Before cooking, immerse the claypot in water to soak for about an hour, then boil some water or porridge in it. This will seal up any holes in the pot (the material is porous), and also get rid of the ‘powder’. hope this helps.

    • hi dear, thanks for your reply! the shophouses is at which street? is it called sia huat (at temple street), nearer maxwell food centre?

      recently i bought an electric mini double boiler and tried making white fungus dessert, realise that it’s so cheap and easy to make this at home! hehe, cos cannot afford to eat bottled birds nest so often, so white fungus dessert is an alternative haha

    • not sia huat, but you can check them out. They used to sell it, but they told me some time back that they had a shortage of supply, now not sure if their stock is back. I dunno the street name, but you know the big two-storey hawker centre called Chinatown Complex? You will see a short row of shops facing it, cannot miss, and one of the shops sell crockery. Call me if you are there and can’t find :P wah, didn’t know you are into cooking these days hehe

  5. Wow, every where I visit I see bitter gourd!! I like the way you cooked it too, definitely looks like a comfort food to me.

  6. Love this hearty and homey dish! :) Very hungry now!

  7. Great recipe! Tried it tonight and loved it! Even my hubby who doesn’t like bitter melon enjoyed this dish! :)

  8. I can’t get enough of bitter gourd!! hee heee…..or (we) can’t get enough of bitter gourd. One week is your bitter gourd, then another week, I have another bitter gourd post. Then this week, you have another bittergourd dish, and I have another one coming along! Hahahah! Anyway, more the merrier..cos I love it. I like this way of cooking bittergourd too but I hardly do it.

  9. Adore the idea of making the dish in advance, allowing the flavors to deepen. Though I’m not a fan of bitter gourd, I’d enjoy chicken with the infused flavors from fermented black beans.

  10. I can eat chicken everyday and love this dish very much with bitter gourd. Must cook this delicious dish for my family this weekend. Thanks for sharing :)

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