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Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Bolognese Sauce

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I love bolognese sauce (ragù alla bolognese), a meat-based pasta sauce originating in Bologna, Italy. I love my instant sauces and quick fixes in the kitchen, but when it comes to bolognese sauce,  home-made wins hands-down in taste to me. Luckily, making bolognese sauce is not difficult at all.

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To make my effort worthwhile, I prepared a huge pot of sauce (enough for six) over the weekend and freeze the excess sauce in individual serving bags for quick weekday night dinner solutions. Thaw and warm the sauce in the microwave or saucepan and you have a quick pasta meal in under 15 minutes. The sauce can be used to cook pasta in more ways than one – such as the classic spaghetti bolognese or baked pasta in cheesy bolognese sauce.

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  1. Note by admin: Comment deleted due to poster’s rudeness. There is a difference between constructive feedback and trolling.

  2. One of my favorite sauces.

  3. Note by admin: Comment deleted due to poster’s rudeness. There is a difference between constructive feedback and trolling.

    • Wow, chill out?
      Most people come to this website because the recipes are simple and tasty. Sorry if it is not “authentic” enough for you… The bottled Ontario wine I used must bring you shame since I didn’t make it myself. I love this one because you can easily find the ingredients you need and they’re common, so I can use it again.

      And cooking is about creativity, having fun and experimenting! That means if there is a ton of bacon or the author didn’t brown the meat then that is the author’s choice – this is her blog! You’re more than free to (1) tweak the recipes or add or omit things or change quantities, or better yet, (2) not be so nit picky and/or (3) make a blog where you can preach about your cooking philosophies and ruin the fun for people. I think it is extremely rude you post comments on her cooking site that tries to invalidate her “fast” and usable recipes. If anything she has made cooking a lot less scary for “noobs” such as myself which is more than you ever did. I’ll get more cooking experience with time, but I’ve learned a ton of basics here.

      Anyway, I just came by to say, this is maybe the fourth recipe I’ve tried from this website. Actually, my boyfriend made it for me the past week and it was soo tasty. I brought the leftovers for lunch and we also made it and invited a friend last night who loved it. We were not worried about the meat at all; actually we added an extra bacon strip. Thank you and keep the good stuff coming wiffi.

    • Thanks Mary for your kind words :) I have deleted the troll’s comments.

  4. Just wondering – tomato paste = ketchup? or issit those canned pastes?

  5. hmmm looks good, must try :)

  6. Love this recipe! I want to ask how long can I keep this sauce in the freezer. My main concern is that I tend to keep frozen food for about a week and this recipe contains milk. Will it go bad fast? Thank you!

  7. Hi, how long can the pasta sauce be kept in the freezer?

  8. I just made this sauce last weekend and my hubby said it was very good! Almost like what we have in restaurants!

    However, not sure if its cos I added 3 fresh tomatoes in replacement of 1 can of the diced tomatoes, my sauce was rather watery.

    Oh yes, I would like to know what’s the longest duration that you have kept the sauce in the freezer as I still have 2 servings left. Thanks!

    • Hi I usually use canned tomatoes as they are sweeter. If too watery, you can always reduce the sauce by simmering to the ideal consistency. The longest I have kept is 2 weeks, but I believe it can keep a little longer.

  9. hey! wow i have been at your site for a long time now, just moved to scotland for studies and was wondering about easy recipes. even amazing that it’s a site by a singaporean! love your site! seems easy enough to follow but yet being able to produce amazing dishes! am bookmarking so many of it now to try! anyway i wanted to ask, is the red wine necessary? what will happen if i omit it?

    • Hiya! red wine adds additional depth & flavour, but don’t worry if you wish to omit it, the difference will be subtle.

    • hey! thanks for your reply hehe. i tried the beef stew yesterday. it was yummy! thanks for sharing on thsi amazing site!

  10. Can I know what sort of milk do I need to use?

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