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Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Bolognese Sauce

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I love bolognese sauce (ragù alla bolognese), a meat-based pasta sauce originating in Bologna, Italy. I love my instant sauces and quick fixes in the kitchen, but when it comes to bolognese sauce,  home-made wins hands-down in taste to me. Luckily, making bolognese sauce is not difficult at all.

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To make my effort worthwhile, I prepared a huge pot of sauce (enough for six) over the weekend and freeze the excess sauce in individual serving bags for quick weekday night dinner solutions. Thaw and warm the sauce in the microwave or saucepan and you have a quick pasta meal in under 15 minutes. The sauce can be used to cook pasta in more ways than one – such as the classic spaghetti bolognese or baked pasta in cheesy bolognese sauce.

55 comments on “Bolognese Sauce Recipe”

  1. Hello ! I’m going to try out this receipe but just wondering, if I skip the milk, should I just replace with water ? Both my hubby and I are lactose intolerant. Thanks ! And btw I’m a follower of your blog, I love your easy to follow receipes ! :)

  2. I have always love bolognese! Thanks for the recipe!
    How long do you recommend we keep our bolognese? It would be a great help if you include this in the cooking notes too!


    • In theory, if you freeze it immediately, it should keep well for a good one or two months in the freezer. But personally, I try to finish within 2 weeks. Hope this helps. Will include in the cooking note. Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. Wiffy,

    May I know how much in ml is a glass of wine?

  4. Hi Wiffy!

    This is an interesting recipe, especially with the mixture of meats and addition of milk! I’m going to try this weekend!

    But I’ll be using the traditional sauce from Prego (bought too much, trying to finish up! :P) so can you advice me if it can replace the diced tomato and tomato paste?

    Thank you!!!

  5. noob cook here…
    how do u get tomato paste?
    can i sub with tomato sauce?

    • you can get tomato paste at supermarkets (usually where the pasta and pasta sauces are). No, it’s not the same thing as tomato sauce.

    • yea, i saw previous qn on the same and bot the tomato paste in supermarket..
      have tried it out, but i used all pork instead as i dun take beef.
      it was great! i love it!

  6. Hello! I’m a trainee chef in school and when we were on holidays we had part time job in school and I’m in charge of the staff meal and i would have to check what’s left over and make food from it and i followed this recipe with leftover beef and bacon it turned out delicious and got us wanting more. Lovely website and awesome recipes! Thanks! :)

  7. I have a Ragu recipe, too. Let’s talk soon.

  8. Hi,
    Why is my sauce watery ? How to make it thicken ?

    • did you measure the water and follow the simmering time. If still watery, just simmer longer until the sauce is reduced to your liking.

  9. Can use fresh milk? What is regular milk ? Thanks

  10. Hi, I simmered it for an hour but the sauce is still watery. Can I use corn starch to thicken the sauce?
    Thanks :)

    • Yep, you can do that, though I have not tried this method before. Check out this post: http://www.wikihow.com/Thicken-Spaghetti-Sauce

    • Thanks so much for the information. I used some corn starch as I didn’t have time to try the other methods last night. But it was still delicious. Was wondering if it was watery because I omitted the red wine. Anyway, I love your site, it makes cooking much easier. I tried many of your recipes, all delicious. Thank you for all effort put in :)

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