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Bitter Gourd Soup

Bitter Gourd Soup Recipe

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Bittergourd with pork ribs (苦瓜排骨汤) is one of my favourite home cooked Chinese soups. And it is really healthy. Just like watercress soup, bitter gourd (bitter melon) has cooling properties (among a host of other health benefits), which helps our body combat the hot weather.

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I’ve always love bitter taste more than sweet, but for those who do not like bitter gourd, don’t let the soup scare you – because it actually tastes quite sweet. The pork ribs, carrots and red dates lend their sweetness to balance the bitterness. I think those who do not like to eat bitter gourd have a better chance of accepting this soup than the classic bitter gourd with egg stir fry. Adjust the sweetness of the soup by adding more or less honey red dates. To me, however, a delicious bowl of bitter gourd soup must still taste slightly bitter, therefore I do not overpower the soup with too many honey red dates. I also like to buy the most bitter bitter gourd I can find (the dark green ones are usually more bitter) when making this soup.

Bittergourd (Bitter Melon)

45 comments on “Bitter Gourd Soup”

  1. Oh! I haven’t had bitter melon for a while…I absolutely love this soup…sooo tasty :-)

  2. with the current weather- I think this soup is great for “cooling down”!

  3. What a great soup recipe! The broth looks amazing!

  4. This is my all time favourite!

  5. This looks so healthy and refreshing. Looks like the type of soup my mom is always recommending, too. Realizing more and more as I grow up that she’s right most of the time 8). I’m one of those that isn’t fond of the taste of bitter melon, but I’ll trust you that it isn’t a deterrent here.

  6. looks yummy! will definately try this soon! btw, may i know how much carrots to use for this recipe?

    • opps, I forgot to mention the carrots in the recipe. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I use about 1-2 medium sized carrots, peeled then cut to small chunks. Hope you like the soup when you cook it, feel free to give me your feedback :)

  7. Hi there!

    Love your soup! Always so easy to prepare especially since I’m studying overseas! Was wondering, is it alright to not add the honey red dates? Will adding the wolfberries and red dates be enough?

    Also, is it okay to use chicken drumstick instead?

    Haha..sorry for the many questions asked!


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  9. Hi, I just cooked this soup for my family and we all love it.
    I changed the pork to Chicken and added extra honey dates.
    So the soup is sweet with a tinge of bitterness.
    I also omitted the salt.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  10. I will cook this for tomorrow dinner.


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