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Baked Portobello Mushrooms

Baked Portobello Mushrooms

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I recently had a cook-together with my girlfriends Jac and Pam at Pam’s spanking new kitchen. We all made one dish each (Pam made creamy tortellini, I made buffalo wings) while Jac made these super delicious and gourmet looking baked portobello mushrooms.

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The mushrooms were topped with ham, cheese, garlic and more mushrooms. The only “complaint” we had about these mushrooms was that there were not enough, simply because they were too yummy.

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This is super easy too – my friend, Jac, who claimed to be a total noob in the kitchen (we disagree with her!), cooked this for us and everyone was wowed by the results. The mushrooms were juicy and we can taste the wholesome goodness of all the ingredients.

Baked Portobello Mushrooms

Jac cooked the mushrooms entirely in Pam’s Philips air fryer, and I managed to recreate the dish at home using a traditional oven. This is a perfect side dish to accompany almost any meal you have, definitely a keeper’s recipe for me. Thanks Jac for sharing her wonderful recipe :)

34 comments on “Baked Portobello Mushrooms”

  1. Well done Wiffy ! Nice to see such creative creations – good to use my oven once in a while :)

  2. What a lovely recipe! I love mushrooms and cook this way is great!

  3. this was nice! but my mushrooms were rather watery – did i do anything wrong?
    thanks for sharing the recipe! i whipped this up as a little appetizer for my small housewarming party yesterday

    • The mushrooms will secrete water as they cook, which is why the recipe recommends lining the tray with foil or parchment for easy cleaning. As for the mushroom caps themselves, they are supposed to look like those in the photo – moist but not too watery.

  4. I am pretty new to cooking and saw this blog post while looking around for some easy new recipes. These look absolutely delicious and want to try and start making them ASAP. I really appreciated the step by step pictures that you posted because I am a very visually guy.

  5. I never met a mushroom I did not like…these are amazing…

  6. Is it possible to use this recipe by steaming? :o

    • it may not be appropriate to steam because of the cheese…. you can top with other ingredients for steaming such as minced meat or fish paste.

  7. Hi, I tried this recipe but I have a tough time with the portobello mushroom cause i am suppose to remove the gills right ? End up I cut the mushroom into cube size and mix everything together taste good though

  8. I have tried a similar recipe using bacon and onion instead.
    1. Brown the bacon slices, cut into small pieces.
    2. Dice the onions and fry it with oil left from browning the bacon.
    3. Mix both the bacon and onions together with mozzarella cheese.
    4. Stuff (3) into portobello mushrooms.
    5. Bake in a preheated oven of about 200 degrees celsius

    It tasted fabulous too! :)

  9. Hi, i tried this recipe this morning, but i substitute with mashed hard boiled egg and cube streaky bacon. As this was my first time trying this, after baked, the mushroom turned out quite wet. is it the right texture?

  10. Hey, nice recipe, but why not keep the stalks, chop them up and use them in the mixture? Less waste too!

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