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Avocado Pasta

This 15-minute avocado pasta is truly fuss-free cooking at its best. The only thing you need to cook here is the pasta. The sauce is non-cooking and made from only 3 main ingredients – avocado, olive oil and garlic.

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The avocado “sauce” is just avocado, olive oil and garlic given a few pulses in the food blender. Not only can you whip this up quickly, it is healthy and vegan as well. Of course, you can always dress up the pasta with other ingredients such as shrimps for a more varied taste, but I am satisfied with this plain version just as much. This is also a wonderful recipe for using up the odd leftover avocado.

avocado pasta

There is no ingredient quite in this world like avocado which is creamy and fatty on its own, making it a perfect choice for a quick and indulgent creamy pasta.

17 comments on “Avocado Pasta”

  1. Everything looks so fresh and colorful! You can be sure I am saving this recipe to try sometime as it’s very healthy and I love meatless dishes. :) Thanks!

  2. So interesting this pasta with avocado…never seen anything like this :)
    I hope you are enjoying your vacation Wiffy!

  3. Nice pasta and it looks easy. Enjoy your holiday.

  4. a very healthy and yummy pasta..

  5. I must make this too. Love simple and delicious pasta recipes.
    p.s yes, I bake very often, usually lots of bread ;-) can’t help….I just love bread.

  6. wowwwww babeee this is ultra evilllll. yummm!!!!

  7. I just got a food processor and have been pinning pictures of this very pasta! I love avocados and love pasta so I bet I’ll like this dish a lot

  8. hihi i tried your recipe, it was healthy indeed but perhaps really way too avocado-ish for me. you have to be a real avocoda lover to like it. but it was really healthy, thanks for sharing and the inspiration :)

    • wow that’s really quick! perhaps you can tweak this recipe by adding other ingredients to make it less avocado-ish :)

  9. I tried it today! It’s an easy recipe! And yummilious! :D
    Thank you! :D

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