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Apple Infused Tea

Apple Infused Tea Recipe

The measurements used are indicative, just “eyeball” the amount of fruits and water needed for the jug you are using.

In place of the tea bag, you can also use bottled tea or just plain water.


  • 1 red apple (or half red & half green) cut to wedges
  • 1 cold brew tea bag see note below
  • 1 small slice Thai lime optional
  • clean drinking water to fill the bottle about 300 ml

You also need

  • 500 ml glass carafe, jug, pitcher or bottle with lid


Add tea bag, apple and lime (if using) to a 500ml glass bottle. Pour clean drinking water to the brim. Refrigerate for about 6 hours before drinking. The drink can also be chilled overnight to be enjoyed as a refreshing detox drink first thing in the morning.

Recipe Note(s):

  1. I’m using Muji’s organic apple & honeybush tea for cold water. It is designed for 500ml water, which is the capacity of the Ikea 365+ carafe I am using.
  2. You can add on to this basic recipe, such as a sprig of mint, a stevia leaf or a cinnamon stick.
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2 comments on “Apple Infused Tea”

  1. I like morning workout too…usually start early and I have energy all day. The tea seems really fruity and nice. Perfect for post workout or any time of the day!

  2. 加油!

    I took a full break – no exercise/no workout, no cooking (tapow lunch and dinner) for the past 2 weeks. Feels so good to slack, hahhahaha…..pandemic fatigue is real!!!

    Now back to reality….sigh….

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