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Prawns Aglio e Olio

Prawns Aglio e Olio

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Note: This was first posted in Jun 2008, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

I really love Aglio e Olio, and it is my go-to one-dish pasta dish whenever I am out of ideas of what to cook. While the original and authentic recipe for Aglio e Olio is plain, it is now common to see all types of variations of Aglio e Olio, just like this plate cooked with fresh prawns (or my other plate of scallops Aglio Olio).

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And I think why not, cooking should be improvising and flexible – adding additional ingredients definitely make the usual Aglio e Olio a more complete and interesting meal. Since I have been making Aglio e Olio so frequently at home, we seldom, if not never, order Aglio e Olio outside anymore, mainly because we can make it at a fraction of the cost at home. The money to me, is more well spent paying for fresh, large prawns and perhaps a bottle of fine white wine to go with the pasta. And there is a whole lot more flexibility when cooking this at home to adjust the taste to our own preference (for example, I love XXL prawns and extra heat).

Prawns Aglio e Olio

Cooking Aglio e Olio is definitely not difficult, requiring very basic ingredients. Check out my tips for making basic Aglio Olio here. The extra step of boiling the prawn heads and shells will add some umami-ness to the Aglio Olio, but you can skip this step and use pasta water if out of time. Thanks to reader BC for sharing his wonderful tips on Aglio e Olio making.

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  1. Guess what I am having for lunch today..have lots of pasta and some shrimp in the freezer. Muchas Gracias!

  2. This pasta looks delicious, so tasty with the shrimp stock (great usage of the shells). Beautiful pictures!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :-)

  3. Thank you for the detailed steps. Good idea for tonight dinner :)

  4. One of my favorites; it looks so delicious!

  5. I see a claypot in the photos! Gonna try your claypot chicken rice soon…wish me luck!

  6. This can be arranged in 1000 ways!
    Great recipe, I shall try it one of these days ^_-

  7. Gosh! This looks so good, especially with the prawns! I love the way you captured your food too!

  8. Simple dish but loved by all..thanks for the tips ! Love your blog too!

  9. Hi Wiffy

    This is an interesting recipe which I would like to try. What is the good brand of Good Quality Olive Oil which you are using? Where to get it? The price of Olive Oil ranges a great lot and I am at a lost of which one to buy. Thanks!


    • I buy the good ones when I am on vacation, good and cheap. Locally, I am not fussy – usually buy Borges when the 2 litres bottle is on sale.

    • Hi Wiffy,

      Heehee I am so going to try out your recipe! =) Can I know which grade of olive oil do you use? I see extra virgin, virgin and light olive oil in the supermarts but am just unsure which is right for pasta/stir frying.

      Appreciate your enlightenment. hehe

    • Hi Ash, I use virgin olive oil for cooking esp pan or stir frying and extra virgin for salads or baking. Don’t bother with light olive oil (personal opinion), it’s just a less pure olive oil (!). HTHs :)

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