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Abalone Chicken Congee

Update: First posted in Jan 2009, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

Many Chinese celebrating Chinese New Year will be buying canned abalones during the festive season. Abalone is an auspicious luxury food item, as it signifies increasing abundance (年年’包’有余) in the coming year. I use abalone in a wide variety of dishes, such as steamboat, pen cai, yu sheng and braised abalone with mushrooms.

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Abalone Chicken Congee (Porridge)

One of my all-time favourite abalone dishes will be this homely bowl of abalone chicken congee (鲍鱼鸡丝粥). The congee (or porridge depending on the texture you like) is really sweet as it is simmered in an umami stock consisting of scallops, chicken and abalone broth. It is a luxurious yet relatively light meal at the same time – definitely a wonderful dish to enjoy after a hearty reunion dinner.

Abalone Chicken Congee

52 comments on “Abalone Chicken Congee”

  1. Looks delicious. I’ve never had abalone, but I’d love to try it.

  2. I never had carrot in congee when I was growing up, but have found that it’s pretty good.

    Happy Niu Year!

  3. Yummy looking porridge. Will make this for dinner tonight – my hubby will be thrilled. He can have porridge daily, and still not get tired of it.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Do have an Ox-picious year…

  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Wow… abalone!!! *slurp*

  5. Gong xi fa choi!
    … if only I can find some good canned abalone here, I’d be making this porridge.

  6. yummy delicious congee,love it!! one please bowl..gong xi fatt choy!!

  7. My Hubby loves abalone congee, too! Its our once a year luxury! :)

  8. NC, I’ve never had Abalone Congee, but what a delicious looking dish it is.

  9. abalone! have not thought of or had that in so long. my mother used to make that when I was little whenever we had a big celebration or dinner party at the house. gently steamed + served with marinated soy sauce, sesame seeds + oil + minced scallions. Your photos are so compact, detailed + pretty!

  10. Wow.. dried scallops, abalone, dates and carrots, I can imagine how sweet the congee is. :-)

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