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Black Bean Sauce Yong Tau Foo

Black Bean Sauce Yong Tau Foo

Note: First posted in Dec 2008, now updated with new photos and improved recipe.

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This Yong Tau Foo in Black Bean Sauce is a homely Chinese dish. The yong tau foo (abbreviated to “YTF” in this article) pieces cooked in a savoury black bean sauce is something different from the usual YTF soup one usually have at home. This dish is so deliciously savoury and spicy that we always eat more rice to polish off all the sauce. It is entirely optional, but cooking and serving this dish in a claypot makes this dish extra special.

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More about “Yong Tau Foo” (釀豆腐).  It literally stands for “stuffed bean curd”, but now the name has expanded to a broader term and apply to all kinds of ingredients stuffed with fish paste – for example, lady’s fingers, bitter gourd and eggplant. Even ingredients which are not stuffed such as meat balls, dumplings and certain vegetables have now been associated with common YTF selections. To me, the YTF sold at the wet markets are superior to the ones at the supermarket, so I will not miss buying them to cook this dish whenever I have a chance.

Black Bean Sauce Yong Tau Foo

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  1. Looks droolicious! I miss yong tau foo. Never knew there’s instant black bean sauce by LKK. Gotta look for it the next visit to asian supermarket.

  2. yummy yummy in my tummmy :)

  3. Just noticed your 15 minute posts icon.. Cute! I’ll be looking forward to your series.

  4. NC, I may not know how to (properly) pronounce some of your dishes, but I know what I like, and everything you post about looks good to me, including this Yong Tau Foo!

  5. This dish sounds very good. What exactly does stuffed bean curd taste like?

  6. your heavenly YTF!! me crazy for stuffed chille and fu chok!!

  7. Your YTF is making me drooling now! Like ladyhomechef, I am also interested to know where can I find this store. Hehehe!

  8. Tried cooking this before but did not turn out well. Maybe I shd try again.

  9. is this the same kind of thing you can use in steamboat / hotpot?

  10. ladyhomechef & lk, it’s at Blk 445 Pasir Ris Dr 6 (a corner stall). They opened only in the mornings.

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