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Wasabi Prawns

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This is a dish I like very much. And it isn’t very hard to whip up! Ate this at Tung Lok Tea House last month and to my horror, they didn’t garnish with tobiko, so I’d say un-bashfully that mine looks better (hee, just kidding, Tung Lok rocks, of course!).

Wasabi Prawns
(drizzled with ebikko – prawn roe & garnished with parsley flakes)

Actually, I’m allergic to prawns – there were one or two occasions in the past few years where my face become swollen after eating prawns, not a very pretty sight =P Now I will sneakily eat a few. In other words, I’m simply too greedy to not eat prawns for the rest of my life, coz I love it! I think the magic number is 5 – the safe maximum number of prawns I can eat at one go without getting my allergic response (and, the prawns must definitely be deveined because I think that’s where most of the toxic lies).

Anyway, good things are best enjoyed in small quantities, for deprivation makes the heart yearn for more (as spoken in the true fashion of a consummate glutton).

(serves 2)

Recipe from Tung Lok Group’s cookbook, New Chinese Cuisine (Available at all Tung Lok restaurants and major bookstores), taken from here

– 6 prawns, shelled & deveined (use the freshest, biggest prawns you can find.)
– 1 egg white
vegetable oil for deep frying
– 3 tbsp cornflour
– 90ml mayonnaise
– 1 tbsp condensed milk
– 1 tsp wasabi powder (can put more if you want more wasabi kick)
– dash of lemon juice
– Ebbiko (prawn roe) or Tobiko (flying fish roe)

1. Dip the prawns in egg white, then coat evenly with cornflour.
2. Deep fry the prawns in 180C (356F) for about 3 minutes, until prawns turn crispy.
3. In a separate dish, combine the mayonnaise, condensed milk, wasabi powder and lemon juice.
4. Toss the deep-fried prawns with the wasabi mayo until evenly coated.
5. Garnish with ebbiko/tobiko and serve.

Draining the deep fried prawns on tempura paper…I love the golden hue.

Dipping the cooked prawns in the wasabi mayo concoction. Mmmm…

27 comments on “Wasabi Prawns”

  1. chuck:: ah lucky you! ;) Thanks for visiting :)

    Arika:: Hope u had a good time at the festival … thanks for visiting :)

  2. Wow, the recipe looks simple and easy to make!
    the pictures look great!
    i’ll give it a try when i’m fully recovered!
    i love prawns! :up:

  3. Wow, the recipe looks simple and easy to make!
    the pictures look great!
    i’ll give it a try when i’m fully recovered!
    i love prawns! :up:

  4. Hi may I know where do you buy wasabi powder? Its not the same as the yellow small tin of mustard powder right?

    • Hi Geraldine, it’s not the same. Wasabi powder can be found at the Japanese dried goods section of supermarkets such as Cold Storage. Mine is a small green tin, brand is “S&B” and it’s labelled as wasabi powder. Certain supermarket sushi counters sell the powder as well (I recall seeing at bugis junction cold storage if I’m not wrong). But it’s cheaper to get the tin.

  5. Thanks for the info :) i’ll go find one of these days hehe tried the wasabi prawn at the chinese restaurant at suntec before and realli love it…hope this will be kinda similar :)

  6. hey I cant get hold of any wasabi powder, will normal wasabi paste for sushi work?

  7. oh Great!! thank you =)

  8. I’m trying this tonight!!! hopefully it won’t turn out horrible like all the other dishes I’ve done… WISH ME LUCK!!! :mrgreen:

  9. Hi

    I cook this few days ago & my Hubby loves it :) But I couldn’t find ebikko at Fairprice, so I changed it with frozen peas & carrots :P (to add some colours) Hehehe

    Thanks for sharing. I really loves your recipes. Simple, not much hassle, but delicious ;)

    • it’s really creative of you to add peas and carrots for colour. more healthy too. I shall copy your idea next time hehe :)

  10. Hi Wiffy

    I tried this recipe this evening and my family just love it. I had only 12 prawns and each of us could only have 3 pieces, my girls have asked me to make much-much more the next round. They even suggested to have it as a party snack!

    Thanks so much for sharing your all your recipes. I must say that your website shows the best and trusted step-by-step for a noob cook like me. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong and it motivates me to cook better.

    I and my family benefited much from your recipes. Thanks so much!


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