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Asparagus in Sriracha Chilli

Asparagus in Sriracha Chilli

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As a huge fan of hot sauces and in particular, sriracha chilli, how can I resist adding it to my stir fries for some fiery kick. Besides being a sauce condiment, sriracha chilli is an excellent sauce for stir-fries.

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In this recipe, the thinner variety of asparagus are used so they cook very quickly. You can use thick asparagus as well, do adjust the cooking time if using them.

Prepped asparagus.

26 comments on “Asparagus in Sriracha Chilli”

  1. I like this briefly fried, retaining much of asparagus’ sweetness and crunchiness.

  2. Wow, I never thought to use the Sriracha sauce for vegetables! That’s a GREAT idea! We have that privilege here of having these sauces everywhere thanks to the Vietnamese in Australia! Didn’t realize they were quite so expensive in S’pore. Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi wiffy, i didnt know this chilli sauce is so expensive, i’ve been trying to get hold of it coz i wanna use it to make the spicy salmon handroll but 20-30 bucks is really crazy!! do they ship to sg?

  4. I like the touch of sesame as well. Great choice of sauce! I used to love it on EVERYTHING! esp for bbqs, steamboats..etc. I didnt think of using it as a stir fry sauce!

  5. I love the idea! Chili sauce will add more flavor to the crunchy asparagus. We have Sriracha chili sauce here. Gonna try this soon :) BTW, I run another blog for cooking at http://www.mybloglicious.com hehehe …

  6. I love asparagus and cooking it with siracha instead of the usual sambal belachan sounds good. Makes it a whole lot easier as well.

    • Thanks for sharing Jocelyn. However I do not allow sharing of iherb referral code, thanks for your understanding.

  7. I have been eating asparagus so often lately, usually the “fatter” ones though. You want me to get some Huy Fong for you? Let me know, okie? Not too long from my next trip to SG.

    P.S Hate the great firewall of China.

    • I think my current bottle will last me a long time, and I’ll be able to get it easily when it’s finished. thanks, so sweet of you to ask, appreciate your thoughts blogging buddy :)

  8. My husband is so addicted to Sriracha chilli sauce that he put it in everything :)

  9. this looks delicious! i think i might use XO sauce instead of sriracha though, for the taste more than the spicy kick :P

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