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Asparagus in Sriracha Chilli

Asparagus in Sriracha Chilli

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As a huge fan of hot sauces and in particular, sriracha chilli, how can I resist adding it to my stir fries for some fiery kick. Besides being a sauce condiment, sriracha chilli is an excellent sauce for stir-fries.

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In this recipe, the thinner variety of asparagus are used so they cook very quickly. You can use thick asparagus as well, do adjust the cooking time if using them.

Prepped asparagus.

26 comments on “Asparagus in Sriracha Chilli”

  1. Interesting used of Sriracha chili sauce!

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing the recipe :D

  3. Wow! This chilli sounds fiery good!! I must find ways to buy a bottle. ;)

  4. I have seen tis chilli sauce somewhere but can’t quite recall exactly where… Will definitely get a bottle when I next travel to the states! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @noobcook You can get the chilli for 8.50 per bottle from Cut The Mustard. It’s a store in Singapore. I recently got 3 bottles from there. I’m in no way affiliated with them and i just wanted to share that you can get it from them. :)


    Cheers everyone! Have a good day and enjoy your Sriracha :)

  6. I love sriracha! It is very prevalent in the States. I think we usually call it “rooster sauce” though.

  7. oh yum! i cant believe i haven’t done anything with asparagus this spring…

  8. Love spicy food too and sriracha is a must-have!

  9. Saw a listing on craigslist for the chilli $8. Am tempted to give it a go!

  10. I tried your recipe with white asparagus! Taste great! and it was very simple to cook! Thanks! :D

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