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Steamed Dumplings

I love making steamed dumplings (蒸饺) or pot stickers (jiao zi/饺子). Not only are they delicious, they are fun to make, especially the wrapping part.

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You can gather your friends and loved ones to wrap the dumplings together for some special bonding time. These dumplings are steamed using the traditional dim sum style bamboo steamer, but if you don’t have one you can just steam them on a plate. During Chinese New Year, dumplings are a symbol of prosperity and wealth as they resemble ingots or little money purses.

Step-by-Step Photos

How to wrap pot stickers/dumplings:

How to wrap Chinese potsticker (dumpling)
Place a piece of dumpling skin on the palm of your hand. Scoop 1/2 tbsp of dumpling filling onto the centre of the skin.

How to wrap Chinese potsticker (dumpling)
Add a few pieces of chopped prawns.

How to wrap Chinese potsticker (dumpling)
Dab your finger in water and wet the edges of the skin with your moist finger.

How to wrap Chinese potsticker (dumpling)
Fold the dumpling in half to form a half-crescent shape.

How to wrap Chinese potsticker (dumpling)
Starting from one end and with slightly moist fingers, pleat the edges towards the centre. Repeat with the other end.

How to wrap Chinese potsticker (dumpling)
Tip: While wrapping the dumplings, cover the dumpling skins (this one is another type of dumpling skin used for fried wontons) in a clean and moist kitchen towel to avoid them from drying out.

How to Steam Dumplings:

steaming jiao zi
Arrange blanched cabbage such that there are still exposed holes at the bottom so that steam can enter the basket. Place dumplings on the cabbage without them touching one another.

steaming jiao zi
Wet the steaming cloth and wring lightly. Drape the cloth over the dumplings to prevent condensed steam from dripping onto the dumplings.

steaming jiao zi
Cover with lid then fold in the 4 corners of the cloth over the lid to prepare for steaming.

Steamed Dumplings

34 comments on “Steamed Dumplings”

  1. Haha, you loved to make dumplings? I am lazy to make dumplings but I had to make it for my girl’s emergency lunch box to school. Just made 70+ yesterday while watching K-drama, hahaha… Got to make it fun for me. :P

  2. Wow perfect timing! I was just coming to your website to search for a steamed dumpling recipe! :) I really enjoy your blog! Very elegant, clean and simple.

  3. Love these little dumplings. You pleated them very nicely as well. Happy New Year.

  4. I also enjoy making dumpling, specifically wontons. Always good to make a batch and freeze portion of them.

  5. These dumplings look great…love them steamed. Happy Chinese New Year Wiffy :-) and hope you are having a wonderful week!

  6. So nicely pleated! I once make a large batch and freeze them. They end up all stuck together. Hehe! Any tips for storing them?

    Wishing you a great Dragon Year! :)

    • Hi SSB, Happy New Year! I only freeze for soup wontons. I freeze the exact number I want for my recipe, in small plastic bags. Just thaw slightly, throw them in the boiling water/soup broth and they will separate after cooking. Did not find a good way to freeze the dumplings and separate them individually, prior to cooking.

  7. Beautiful steamed dumplings. Love your step-by-step photos, very clear and easy to follow.

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