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Soy Milk

Soy Milk Recipe

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I love soy bean milk, or locally known as “tau huey tzui” (豆奶/豆花水/豆浆). If I buy them from random stalls, they are usually quite diluted and tastes very syrupy.

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There are nice ones like the Selegie and Rochor brands but they are not available everywhere. So I thought it will be nice to make my own organic and rich tasting soy bean milk. I always thought making soy bean milk is very difficult. But after trying it out, I realised it is much easier than I expected it to be.  It’s rewarding to enjoy home-made soy bean milk made with organic soy beans. The main ingredients are just soy beans, pandan leaves and rock sugar. You need basic tools like a blender and a muslin bag. This is a healthy and high protein drink and also suitable for the lactose-intolerant. Here is a detailed step-by-step photos recipe guide to demystify the making process. You can use your home-made soy milk to make a wholesome and all-natural chilled soya beancurd dessert.

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Soy Milk Recipe Soak the soy beans in water overnight. After soaking, discard water and rinse a few rounds with water.
Soy Milk Recipe Place the beans in an electric blender and add water.
Soy Milk Recipe My blender (U-Like brand) came with a special filter add-on which is great for making soy bean milk – it has an inner filter to place the beans and the pulp will be contained inside the filter for convenience. However, you can use any type of blender and there is actually no need to purchase any special type of blender for making soy bean milk.
Soy Milk Recipe Whizz the soy bean and milk for at least 2 minutes, taking a break every 30 seconds to prevent the appliance from overheating.
Soy Milk Recipe Filter the milk through a fine sieve.
Soy Milk Recipe Now we have to do something about the pulp because it contains quite a bit of soy bean milk.
Soy Milk Recipe To do that, we need a coconut squeezer bag – basically a cloth filter/muslin bag with fine holes.
Soy Milk Recipe Place the pulp in the bag and squeeze it to extract the remaining milk in the pulp.
Soy Milk Recipe You can see the photo for the difference in the pulp before and after squeezing. After squeezing, the pulp is dry and compact.
Soy Milk Recipe If you want extra smooth soya bean milk, sieve the milk mixture a few more times then transfer to a pot (I’m using a wok).
Soy Milk Recipe Add pandan leaves for extra fragrance. Bring to a gentle simmer (not boiling or the milk will curd) over medium low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring with a ladle regularly. After simmering, add rock sugar to taste and stir until they dissolve.
 Soy Milk Recipe Enjoy your home-made, organic soya bean milk. Drink warm or chilled. Due to the absence of preservatives, the longest I have kept it refrigerated is overnight. It should keep for 1 to 2 days.

92 comments on “Soy Milk”

  1. I just bought the soybean milk machine – it works !! miracle !!!
    can work with the raw bean (not yet watered) or with 8-hours soaked beans
    also can do congee, vegetable soup etc .. i’m not a cook and hardly cook but i have been making my own soybean milk on a daily basis :D

    wondering what to do with the pulp or leftover lol
    i tried giving to my dog – but afraid it would cause too much gas lol
    ideas are welcome :D

  2. other than squeeezing by hand, any other way or method to squeze the pulp

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I tried at home and it was a very satisfying experience.

    By the way, my mom told me that it is important to BOIL the soya bean mixture because raw bean contains toxin. Make sure to stir it while boiling. So far it doesn’t curd at all.

  4. Hey, i was wondering about the soy milk. I have made soy milk before but i didn’t really use this way. I soaked it, blended it and then boiled the pulp with water then i use a sock to extract out the soy milk. Will doing it your method make any difference? I don’t really like my soy milk to be so thin.

    • Hi Zane, I’ve not tried your method before but it sounds similar, just a sequence difference. For mine, I squeezed the pulp until it is really dry and devoid of any water left. I think if you are comfortable with your method, you don’t have to change it :)

    • Hi Wiffy,
      I’ve been searching the method of doing soya bean by using blender (U-Like brand) same as yours. May I know , can I use HOT water instead of tap water to blend together with the soya bean after soaking ? And skip the last method which need to simmer it to warm. Thank you !

    • Hi Irene, I have not tasted whether the material of the blender can withstand hot water. I think generally, you need to simmer soy bean milk before drinking, the raw form is not really consumable.

  5. Hey I was wondering if i blended it and there’s no pulp ? LOL

  6. Hi Wiffy,
    May I know where you buy the organic soya bean from?

  7. I think if we just boil the soy milk without the rock sugar, it will keep better and longer in the fridge. Just add sugar syrup when you want to drink . That is how my mum used to make it. She sometimes also add peanut to the blend, I guess thats another variation to the soy milk

  8. Hi if use the quantity from ur recipe I can only get 1 cup of soya bean? Thanks =)

    • Hi, 1 cup is about 250ml, you get slightly more than 1 cup. The quantity stated is a ratio, please feel free to double, triple it etc according to your needs :)

  9. Hi Wiffy
    I too love home made soy milk. Could you tell me where to get organic soy beans in Singapore? Don’t think the ones from Canada found at the supermart are organic.

    Have you tried making tau huay? Do share if you have a go at it. Thanks.

    • hi lena, I buy it at the organic/health food sections of our local supermarkets. I’m pretty sure you can find them at health food stores in Canada. I have not tried making tau huay before, but I’ll be sure to post the recipe if I have a go at it :)

  10. Hi Wiffy,

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing!
    May I know do you peel off the skin of the soya beans ?

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