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Soy Milk

Soy Milk Recipe

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I love soy bean milk, or locally known as “tau huey tzui” (豆奶/豆花水/豆浆). If I buy them from random stalls, they are usually quite diluted and tastes very syrupy.

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There are nice ones like the Selegie and Rochor brands but they are not available everywhere. So I thought it will be nice to make my own organic and rich tasting soy bean milk. I always thought making soy bean milk is very difficult. But after trying it out, I realised it is much easier than I expected it to be.  It’s rewarding to enjoy home-made soy bean milk made with organic soy beans. The main ingredients are just soy beans, pandan leaves and rock sugar. You need basic tools like a blender and a muslin bag. This is a healthy and high protein drink and also suitable for the lactose-intolerant. Here is a detailed step-by-step photos recipe guide to demystify the making process. You can use your home-made soy milk to make a wholesome and all-natural chilled soya beancurd dessert.

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Soy Milk Recipe Soak the soy beans in water overnight. After soaking, discard water and rinse a few rounds with water.
Soy Milk Recipe Place the beans in an electric blender and add water.
Soy Milk Recipe My blender (U-Like brand) came with a special filter add-on which is great for making soy bean milk – it has an inner filter to place the beans and the pulp will be contained inside the filter for convenience. However, you can use any type of blender and there is actually no need to purchase any special type of blender for making soy bean milk.
Soy Milk Recipe Whizz the soy bean and milk for at least 2 minutes, taking a break every 30 seconds to prevent the appliance from overheating.
Soy Milk Recipe Filter the milk through a fine sieve.
Soy Milk Recipe Now we have to do something about the pulp because it contains quite a bit of soy bean milk.
Soy Milk Recipe To do that, we need a coconut squeezer bag – basically a cloth filter/muslin bag with fine holes.
Soy Milk Recipe Place the pulp in the bag and squeeze it to extract the remaining milk in the pulp.
Soy Milk Recipe You can see the photo for the difference in the pulp before and after squeezing. After squeezing, the pulp is dry and compact.
Soy Milk Recipe If you want extra smooth soya bean milk, sieve the milk mixture a few more times then transfer to a pot (I’m using a wok).
Soy Milk Recipe Add pandan leaves for extra fragrance. Bring to a gentle simmer (not boiling or the milk will curd) over medium low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring with a ladle regularly. After simmering, add rock sugar to taste and stir until they dissolve.
 Soy Milk Recipe Enjoy your home-made, organic soya bean milk. Drink warm or chilled. Due to the absence of preservatives, the longest I have kept it refrigerated is overnight. It should keep for 1 to 2 days.

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  1. Hahha…I am like what HoppingHammy said: the NON-cook, “ready to run away after reading the first step”…kekeke…but I really like the idea of homemade soy bean. Maybe I should really try making it…hmmm….but quite tedious and needs patience though the ingredients are rather basic. Sigh….I am complicated!

  2. Yes, it’s really easy to do it at home. The only problem I faced is to squeeze the milk out to extract the milk. You had done it so effortlessly! ;)

  3. I drink soy bean milk so much I am seriously thinking about buying one of those soy bean machine to make my own soy bean milk. I tried making it from scratch like you did, alas, too much work. LOL.

    • I did consider getting one of those machines at one point in time, but sigh, it’s a bit too big for my kitchen with limited storage space :(

  4. I am totally intrigued! You make it seem so easy. And haha, had to laugh at how hard you’d squeezed that soy bean pulp. Awesome post :)

  5. I actually got a soya bean maker which I bought in China and it is very simple machine and it do everything incl boiling the soya bean milk. It make make soya bean milk so easy.

  6. You made your own soy milk…Wow! How cool…! I always buy mine ;).

  7. U make this sound so easy! After having IBS- I find that I can only take soy milk..and boy do I miss the soy milk we have in SG and malaysia!!!!

  8. hkgers love making their own soy milk too…nice touch with the pandan! maybe i can add pandan leave to store bought soy milk hehehe (lazyyyy)

  9. As a Chinese, soya milk has always been a favourite of mine for a healthy and delicious breakfast!

  10. Is that it? So easy! I also had the same impression that it would be difficult to make… am glad you showed us the step by step. Can I skip the pandan step? There isn’t any pandan close by….

    • Yes, you can skip the pandan if you can’t find it! But it’s a great addition though, it gives a great fragrance to the soy milk ;)

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