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Soft-boiled Eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)

Half Boiled Eggs Recipe

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The Singapore-style breakfast of kaya toast will not be complete without soft-boiled eggs with runny yolk as a side, and usually served with a dash of white pepper and dark soy sauce. When I was a kid, my family owned this really nifty gadget specifically for making soft-boiled eggs. You simply place the eggs inside the gadget, and pour boiling water up to a certain line. There are mini holes at the base of the container which drips slowly down to a container, and then when it drips to a certain depth, perfectly soft-boiled eggs are ready. I’ve never seen this gadget since then but the same concept can easily be applied using whatever you have in the kitchen. And yes, you do not need to make these eggs on the stove top.

Half Boiled Eggs Recipe

Eggs submerged in boiling water

22 comments on “Soft-boiled Eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)”

  1. My hubby prefers his breakfast eggs soft and runny….this would be great for him. Thanks for sharing a new way to make boiled eggs. :-))

  2. I have that gadget and I am still using it. Perfect eggs everytime! If I remember correctly, I saw it not long ago at one of the supermarkets … can’t quite remember which one – Giant, I think – for $4.90?

  3. Our family loves soft boiled eggs for breakfast. My husband prefers to eat it with salt and pepper while me and my kids love to eat it with soy sauce :)

  4. OG in orchard road has it!!!! i bought one when i came to australia to study!!!! and it doubles up as a ice chiller too! :) very nifty gadget..

  5. I, too have that gadget which is indeed perfect for soft-boiled eggs. It cooks a max of four eggs.

  6. I am going to search for this gadget. I like my eggs runny and I fail many times.

  7. Yummy…. always end up licking the plate after eating the soft boiled egg.

  8. I usually eat this wen I was small, almost everyday but now seldom eat edi.. it’s good to have this during the breakfast.. oh boy.. i really miss this half-boiled egg a lot!

  9. I have never managed to boil soft-boiled egg perfectly. It would be too runny at one times, or too cooked at other times. This is great post!

  10. I always got runny, soft boiled eggs with salt, pepper or Maggi soy sauce for breakfast when I was still in primary school. I didn’t like it much at that time, because I had to eat it every morning with a glass of milk. Now I absolutely adore soft boiled eggs (even though I would still not eat them every single morning), especially with ramen or other types of noodle soups :D.

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