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Red Dragonfruit Milk

Red Dragonfruit Smoothie

Red dragonfruit flesh is staining, so be careful that it does not stain your clothes. Wash all kitchen equipment immediately after use to prevent the red stain from being permanent.

The softer and riper the dragon fruit, the less milk you will need.

You can turn this dragonfruit milk into a smoothie by adding half a ripe banana and fresh berries.


  • 200 grams ripe dragonfruit flesh (火龍果) cubed; use red-fleshed dragonfruit for vibrant magenta colour
  • 50-150ml unsweetened milk (cow or soy) use less milk for chunkier consistency or if using softer flesh
  • sweetener (honey, maple syrup or brown sugar) only if needed; to taste


Blend everything together in a blender until you get a smooth consistency.

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3 comments on “Red Dragonfruit Milk”

  1. Miss those Taiwan local fruits!

    Been wanting to get similar portable USB blender. Is this one you are using good? What brand? I “researched” a few before but reviews were mixed. That is why I did not go ahead to buy any.

    Anyway, enjoy your stay in your fav. city. Take care and stay safe.

    • It’s good! Only 300W so it’s more suitable for soft fruits such as dragonfruit & mango. For harder fruits & veggies, I’ll still use my nutribullet. But this one is compact and has a better grip for me. It is handy for work, after gym and travelling.

      Thanks dear, the weather here is getting autumn-y rainy again.

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