Red Dragonfruit Milk

Greetings from Taipei! I am currently spending three weeks in my favourite city. You can see pictures of my trip on my instagram under Story Highlights (“Taipei”). This red dragonfruit milk (火龍果牛奶) is something super quick I made over the weekend, since dragonfruit (火龍果) is in season now and in huge abundance here.

Red Dragonfruit Milk Recipe

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Red Dragonfruit Milk Recipe
This is a portable USB blender which I brought along with me so that I can enjoy homemade fruit drink everyday. Blitzing away are cubed red dragon fruit and milk.

Red Dragonfruit Milk Recipe
Yup, this recipe only has two ingredients, or three if you use a sweetener. Just like in my papaya milk recipe. Red Dragon Fruit

This is homegrown Taiwan dragonfruit at a Taipei supermarket. If you read Chinese, the dragonfruit here is labelled as red flesh (“紅肉”) or white flesh (“白肉”). If you don’t read Chinese, other than asking, you can make an educated guess as the red flesh variety is pricier than that of it’s white-flesh cousin. Give me red flesh dragonfruit anytime as they make an attractively vibrant magenta drink, and are richer in antioxidants.

Red Dragonfruit Milk Recipe
Just like Taiwan pomengranate,  Taiwan homegrown dragonfruit is redder than the ones back home. So red that the milk turned reddish purple immediately when I added it to the blender with the cubed dragonfruit (pictured above). This results in a prettier, more vibrant colour for this drink. It is also sweeter. I often add a bit of sweetener (honey, maple syrup or brown sugar) to my dragonfruit milk back home. Over here, a mild sweetness is still present even after the milk is added, so there is no need for added sugar.

Red Dragonfruit Smoothie

Red dragonfruit flesh is staining, so be careful that it does not stain your clothes. Wash all kitchen equipment immediately after use to prevent the red stain from being permanent.

The softer and riper the dragon fruit, the less milk you will need.

You can turn this dragonfruit milk into a smoothie by adding half a ripe banana and fresh berries.


  • 200 grams ripe dragonfruit flesh (火龍果) cubed; use red-fleshed dragonfruit for vibrant magenta colour
  • 50-150ml unsweetened milk (cow or soy) use less milk for chunkier consistency or if using softer flesh
  • sweetener (honey, maple syrup or brown sugar) only if needed; to taste


Blend everything together in a blender until you get a smooth consistency.