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Pumpkin Rice

First posted in Apr 2008, updated in Apr 2016.

I learnt to cook this homely pumpkin rice (南瓜饭) from my friend koalabear (thank you!). Not only is this pumpkin rice sweet and tasty, it also has a lovely bright and cheerful yellow hue when cooked.

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The buttery aroma of the rice blended perfectly with the sweet taste of pumpkin, which is softly mashed when cooked. The result is just heavenly deliciousness.

Pumpkin Rice Recipe

The cooking method is similar to my mum’s cabbage rice – involving stir-frying some of the ingredients in the wok and then tossing everything to cook in the rice cooker.

Pumpkin Rice Recipe

36 comments on “Pumpkin Rice”

  1. Well, there are alot of variations… if you like that crunchy feel, add golden mushrooms or maybe throw in a little pine nuts or raisins..a dash of olive oil and maybe when its almost ready,put some mozerella on it.. hmm

  2. Wow.. looks really delicious. I would also prefer pork belly strips to bacon. I like the beautiful yellow hue on the rice.

  3. I like the way you cook rice….it’s so easy! And you don’t really have to fry it right?
    I cook most of my “fried rice” this way too! And the pumpkin element in the rice just sounds SO GOOD!

  4. This definitely tastes great! It is full of flavour. :)

  5. Looks great! I got to try this some time. The husband has never really had pumpkin before. Shocking!

    Btw, beautifully presented, as always :)

  6. Pumpkin with rice, I’ve never thought of that!

  7. I love pumpkin and I love rice. This looks delicious. Lovely photograph even without he wristband.

    Thank you for supporting A Taste Of Yellow.

  8. Pumkin and rice with portobello mushrooms..ooh..seems like quite a delightful combination.Me like….

  9. Definitely one of my favourite rice dishes. I do cook this but the ingredients are simpler. I like your photo styling :D

  10. bear: thanks for sharing this recipe with me ;)

    didally, tigerfish, B, sassychef, Joyce: thanks =D

    Nilmandra: your hub has never tried pumpkin before? Then must try my recipe! (shameless self plug) ;D

    barbara: thanks for organzing such a fun & meaningful event =)

    pablopabla: hi, thanks for visiting my blog!! =)

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