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Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almonds Soup

Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almonds Soup Recipe

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Papaya, snow fungus and almonds soup (木瓜雪耳糖水) is a Chinese dessert which I tried at a famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong last month. When I tried the dessert, I thought this is something I can try to recreate at home since I have made something similar before – snow fungus with ginkgo nuts soup.  I thought the combination of papaya, almonds and snow fungus is really nourishing and beautiful.  This soup has health benefits such as improving blood circulation, strengthening respiratory system and improving complexion. I love to drink this dessert chilled.


This is the papaya I used for the recipe. Was surprised when I cut it open to find that it is yellow fleshed but it turned out still tasty in the dessert soup. I would have preferred orange flesh papaya though, I think the dessert will look prettier in orange :)

35 comments on “Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almonds Soup”

  1. Everything you touch turns out beautiful

  2. this is one of my fav Chinese desserts! yours look so soothing and yummy :)

  3. We love this dessert, very refreshing and soothing! Sometimes I add in dried figs too.

  4. This looks gorgeous and soothing. I’m sick with a cold and sore throat right now so I would love a taste of this!

  5. This is another new combination of ingredients for the white fungus dessert. Very soothing indeed.

  6. This looks so delightful .. would love to have one right now.

  7. Do u notice that papaya has been quite a rare find lately?? I’ve been looking for papayas since 3 weeks ago and there aren’t any around..

    Thanks for the recipe. I would love to try my hands on this one soon.. i need more variety apart from barley water!

  8. This is indeed so refreshing and nutritious!

  9. I love this dessert too but I cooked this with 2 fuji apples, honey rock sugar, and wolfberries w/o the red dates instead. And my mum cooked this with pear plus dried longan. All taste good..!! I’ll be cooking this with china pear (brown skin type) today and I shall try this with papaya someday. :)

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