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Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almonds Soup

Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almonds Soup Recipe

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Papaya, snow fungus and almonds soup (木瓜雪耳糖水) is a Chinese dessert which I tried at a famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong last month. When I tried the dessert, I thought this is something I can try to recreate at home since I have made something similar before – snow fungus with ginkgo nuts soup.  I thought the combination of papaya, almonds and snow fungus is really nourishing and beautiful.  This soup has health benefits such as improving blood circulation, strengthening respiratory system and improving complexion. I love to drink this dessert chilled.


This is the papaya I used for the recipe. Was surprised when I cut it open to find that it is yellow fleshed but it turned out still tasty in the dessert soup. I would have preferred orange flesh papaya though, I think the dessert will look prettier in orange :)

35 comments on “Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almonds Soup”

  1. this looks so refreshing :) i like tis~

  2. That’s a lovely drink…I like. I have to go and look for papaya to cook this.

  3. so refreshing………..but i’m currently pregnant…can i take this?

  4. looks refreshing, can I ve a cup?

  5. So want this! Since I have a hot day today … this will refresh me instantly :)

  6. Love Chinese desserts esp the soups! Always so comforting!

  7. U r right, it looks so refreshing and easy to do as well. I love your series of chinese desserts! Bring more!!!! ;)

  8. I love clear chinese desserts like what I’m looking at now. Unfortunately I don’t make them cos nobody in my family eats such things. How sad! For me, I mean!

    • Just make a smaller quantity, store them in containers and chill in fridge. keeps for two days. sometimes I have it for supper hehe

  9. Does this papaya taste like those Malaysia orange-fleshed papaya or Hawaiian yellow-fleshed papaya? I have added not-so-ripe papaya (not those green papaya though) to savory soups before. It is tasty and we all know it is nourishing.

  10. Looks very 清凉爽口!Never tried using papaya this way!

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