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Osmanthus Jelly

Osmanthus Jelly Recipe

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When I was in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago, one of my shopping missions was to buy some dried osmanthus flowers to bring back to Singapore (update: it’s now easy to buy them locally).

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I wanted to make a refreshing and healthy osmanthus flower tea jelly (桂花糕) with it. I love the wonderful aroma of the flowers, which is distinctive and yet, gentle at the same time.

Osmanthus Jelly Recipe

85 comments on “Osmanthus Jelly”

  1. they look really nice, i bet they taste good as well ^^

  2. WOW! So pretty! Love the crystal clear color and very healthy too :)

  3. look great… i may want to give it a try..

  4. oh, I intend to make it but still dunno how. thanks for your recipe. Great :X

  5. Coincidentally, I just bought a packet of Osmanthus flower yesterday to make jelly…i shall try your recipe. Looks good!

  6. this looks so delicate and pretty!! I love the scent as well..thanks for the recipe :)

  7. one of my favorite chinese dessert…especially for summer! very refreshing indeed!

  8. I finally found dried osmanthus flower in New York and bought some as I wanted to make some jelly too.

  9. I got to bookmark this recipe as I still have some dried osmanthus flower and konnyaku jelly powder in my fridge. Thanks for sharing! Nice presentation and lovely shots as always!

  10. They are really very very very nice looking… so pretty …. I love them.

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