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Microwaved Potatoes

microwaved potatoes
Cheaters’ Microwaved Potatoes

Do you think these potatoes can be passed off as roasted or baked ones? Maybe, maybe not :P

This is my cheaters’, no pride way of preparing potatoes when I am pressed for time. I think the only reason I can get away with posting such a sloppy recipe is because I am a noob cook ;p I had it as a side dish with my grilled salmon and also with meatballs (see below). I didn’t had a lot of time to cook, so this is a good alternative to spending 40 minutes to roast them in the oven. Try this when you don’t have much time! ;p

I first seasoned the cut potatoes with salt, pepper and dried parsley (a dash of chilli or curry powder if you want spicy), sandwich a few thin slices of butter among the potatoes, then microwaved them on high for about 8 minutes or more (depends on the heat of your microwave), or until they are soft. Remember to use a spoon to coat the potato pieces evenly in the butter after microwaving.

Note: For 250g of potatoes, I used approximately 1/4 tsp of salt, pepper and dried parsley. Don’t forget the butter, or else the potatoes will be really dry after microwaving. It also adds flavour to the potatoes.

Microwaved Potatoes
Microwaved Potatoes (with Ikea’s meatballs)

Have a bit more time? Try my roasted vegetables recipe:

30 comments on “Microwaved Potatoes”

  1. These spuds look lovely…I never would have guessed these to be nuked!

  2. Not too shabby, I’d eat them. Heh, it’s not so much about how you prepare something, but how much you enjoy it. If you like em that way, then go nuts with the microwave. If you have an additional five minutes you could always toss them in a 500 degree oven and they would crisp up a bit.

  3. I can’t tell if they’re roasted or baked but they do look yummy! With a little one at home, I sometimes don’t have much time to prepare lunch … this is something I want to try. Thanks for sharing! :D

  4. oh wow these potatoes look rustic & delicious! and did u use lingonberry sauce with the meatballs? :p suddenly i hv a craving for IKEA’s meatballs hehe!

  5. Wow nice! Certainly can pass off as baked. I like this easy method. :)

  6. Now this is easy for me to understand. 8)

  7. Looks so delicious! Feel like doing it now! Btw, for roasting, can I use the grilling function in the Rowenta oven? Sorry, I am also a noob cook. Hehehe!

  8. I would of never have known! They look so good!

  9. I wouldn’t know there are microwaved! But I am short of time always, so definitely a must-try for me :D

  10. I love yr 15 mins shorts. Great for a quick meal.

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