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Easy Grilled Salmon

I was busy for the past two weeks and had limited cooking and internet time (hence the lack of updates T_T ). During busy times like these, I am grateful for simple, healthy & “quickie” recipes such as this grilled salmon to get us by.

Grilled Salmon
15 minutes quick dinner: grilled salmon with microwaved potatoes

I call this a “quickie” recipe because it only takes 15 minutes to cook this up (including preparation time!). It doesn’t look too bad for a 15-minutes dish right? ;p Plus it is so healthy and you get to taste the wholesome sweetness of the fish due to a minimal of ingredients used. The cost of an average piece of thick salmon fillet is only about S$5 in our local supermarkets, and after seeing the ease which I whipped up this dish, B told me that he won’t be ordering grilled salmon in restaurants anytime soon, hee. It’s much more economical to eat this at home, where you can enjoy a much bigger piece of salmon at the fraction of the cost. I had microwaved potatoes as the side which is equally quick to prepare.

Grilled Salmon
A thicker stab of grilled salmon, yum

(Serves 1 for 1 person)

– 1 piece of salmon fillet (I love thick pieces for grilling)
– kosher salt or organic sea salt
– freshly cracked black pepper
– one or two herbs you have in the pantry (I used dried parsley) – optional
– butter or olive oil


– Pull out the bones from the salmon fillet using your fingers or a tweezer.
– Season the fish with salt (rub), black pepper and herbs.
– Melt a knob of butter and spread it evenly on the griddles pan (or use olive oil). Grill the salmon fillet, skin side down first, for about 4 minutes each side (or till lightly browned) over medium fire.
– Cooking Note (update):: You can also pan-fry the fish if you don’t have a grill pan. It will still taste good =)

Have a bit more time to whip up something more elaborate? Check out my grilled miso salmon recipe:

Grilled Miso Salmon

52 comments on “Easy Grilled Salmon”

  1. Thanks for sharing… Whipped up a good meal with it and my hub enjoyed it a lot… :D

  2. Love ur recipe! Cooked this today and I added some blanched broccoli. Hubby and I felt so satisfied with the end result!
    Thank u!

  3. your husband is so lucky !!

  4. tried yr grilled salmon but pan-fried it instead. didnt have any herbs on hand so jus did it wit plain salt n pepper wit butter n olive oil. the results? wonderful salmon lunch wit baked potatoes on the side in less than half hr (including prep time) thx 4 sharing the recipe. :)

  5. Hi Wiffy

    Once again, thanks for your sharing of this recipe. Like many others, I am drooling and I would like to try this recipe over this long weekend ;o).

    May I know if I would like to have some easily made sauce other it, what would your recommendation be?


  6. I find your receipe easy to cook yet delicious.

    I would like to cook stingray fillets but could not find any receipe on your website.

    Do you have anything to share. Something simple and goes well with rice.

    Spicy and sourish style sounds good!
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, your fan.

  7. Have cooked this n the roasted potatoes for dinner. It’s really easy n fast. Thanks for the receipe =>

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