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Marmite Pasta with Mushrooms

Whenever I am short of fresh food and time, a very quick one-dish meal like a marmite pasta comes to my rescue.

Marmite Mushroom Pasta Recipe
On one particular day, I was lucky I still had some fresh mushrooms in the fridge, so I whipped up a plate of Marmite pasta with mushrooms. The flavours are so good in this pasta dish, we didn’t even notice  that it’s meatless.

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Mushrooms and Marmite turned out to be such a great pairing, that I keep making this pasta dish again and again.

Marmite Mushroom Pasta Recipe
I especially love to use angel hair for “emergencies” because they are very thin pasta noodles which cooked in under 2 minutes, making this truly a fast and effortless pasta dish.

Marmite Mushroom Pasta (Step-by-Step pictures):

Marmite Mushroom Pasta Recipe
Prepare two types of favourite fresh mushrooms. Here, I am using button mushrooms and baby oyster mushrooms. Slice button mushrooms thinly. Separate baby oyster mushrooms to smaller bunches and trim the ends.

Marmite Spaghetti Recipe
Cook pasta in boiling salted water.

Almost-Instant Marmite Sauce (Step-by-Step)
While the pasta is cooking, make the Marmite pasta sauce. Melt butter in a pan. You can also use the microwave oven.

Almost-Instant Marmite Sauce (Step-by-Step)
While the melted butter is still hot, add in marmite….

Almost-Instant Marmite Sauce (Step-by-Step)
… and stir until the marmite is fully dissolved. Set this aside in a small bowl. Carefully clean out the pan with paper towels.

Marmite Mushroom Pasta Recipe
… then cook the mushrooms in butter, olive oil, dried herbs and garlic salt. Omg, these mushrooms are so delicious, they can be a side dish on its own.

Marmite Mushroom Pasta Recipe
When the angel hair is cooked, add them to the pan of cooked mushrooms together with marmite sauce, adding 1 or more tbsp pasta water to bind everything together.

Marmite Mushroom Pasta Recipe

First posted in Aug 2011, updated in May 2017.

13 comments on “Marmite Pasta with Mushrooms”

  1. I love cooking angel hair pasta too. They’re so fast and easy. This receipe sounds easy and foolproof. Now I’m gonna get some marmite when I do my grocery shopping.

  2. This is amazing! If I’m run out of fresh source, I’ll just skip the home cooking, hehe…

  3. This is interesting to me, have yet to try marmite pasta.

  4. I have been using angel hair very often cos it cooks fast and absorbs sauce very well :)

  5. Great! and so few ingredients too. I intend to make it soon!

  6. Oh yes! quick and easy recipes to the rescue. Marmite hey! this must be tasty. I wonder if vegemite will be just as good…

  7. Interesting recipe and I don’t think I have ever come across one before. Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of marmite.

  8. Very easy. I have never tried Marmite. Will look around to see if i find it. Always like trying new things.

  9. OMG! This dish is amazingly yummy!! I cooked it for my colleagues and they really love it and asked how did I manage to cook it so well! The preparation was freaking easy & cooking it was as easy as 1 2 3! I used spaghetti instead of angel hair pasta. I was thinking to add chopped garlics before sauteing the mushrooms but I’m afraid it wouldn’t match with the marmite taste. Can I add garlics?

    Picture below shows the Marmite Spaghetti & Baked Portobello that I learnt on noobcook! *giggles*


    • Looks great! Your other pasta dish and baked salmon look yummy too. You can add a bit of chopped or thinly sliced garlic if you want to, don’t think it will conflict with the marmite taste. Thanks for trying out the recipes and sharing the photos.

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