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Irish Beef Stew

Irish Beef Stew Recipe

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What makes this an Irish beef stew is the use of Guinness Stout. This is now my favourite way of making beef stew because the beer not just adds flavour, it also tenderises the beef, as I noticed that they get more tender within a shorter time of stewing (I used a cheap but decent cut of “chunk tender” cut for the stew), as compared to cooking without beer.

Similar Recipe: Oven-Baked Beef Stew

The tomatoes balance and complement the bitterness of the Stout, and also gives the stew an attractive, rustic reddish hue. I love beef stew, not just because it is so delicious – but it is also super easy to cook and feed hungry people for an entire day with often with leftovers for the next day. This is a perfect laze-at-home weekend recipe. My kitchen is filled with a fantastic beef stew aroma as this stew was bubbling away in the oven.

Oven-baked Stew

My method of baking beef stew was taught by my friend Joyce. Instead of simmering over the stove top, the oven is used to bake the stew which is to me, the only method I used to cook such stews as I need not worry about watching the stove.

61 comments on “Irish Beef Stew”

  1. look like a great recipe!! I must make this one day!!

  2. Can I use slow cooker for this dish?

  3. Wow, will definitely try this ! My oven is too small to fit in a pot – can I just cook this on the stove instead of oven ? . Also, any substitute for the alcoholic liquids here ? Want to cook this for the kids; not sure if they can consume the stout & wine….

    • Hi Missy, yes you can cook it on a stove top but make sure you stir thoroughly and frequently so that the stew is well mixed (if not the bottom may be burnt). No substitution for the alcohol I know of, you can simply omit it.

  4. This recipe rocks! Followed the recipe step by step. Its easy and it tastes great! I used chuck tender, but the beef is still a bit tough though … wonder how to get the beef to be more tender…

  5. Can i replace stewed tomatoes with fresh tomatoes? Can i omit the red wine?

  6. hi, just made this tonight with rave reviews from hub and family. thanks for the fab recipes! just want to ask, did you lightly deep fry your potatoes beforehand because i find that mine always get so mashed up at the end of the cooking that it is totally dissolved in the stew. Same goes for my curries…. Or has it got to do with the type of potatoes we need to buy?

    • Hi, no I did not deep fry the potatoes before hand. Did you use russet potatoes? Those are softer and you should add them slightly later. I used berastagi potatoes as recommended in the recipe because they are harder and more ideal for stews.

    • not sure what was the type of potatoes…. ok will try to look for berastagi potatoes next time! thanks for the advice!

  7. Hi, i would like to try your fabulous stew this weekend. Just 1 question….what is the substitute for Worcester sauce? I seldom use this sauce & would not want to buy one bottle just to cook this stew.

    • Hi, the worcester sauce is tangy and flavourful, goes well with beef. But you may omit it if you like, no need to substitute.

  8. Have tried making both your Irish Beef Stew and regular beef stew and I have to let you know that they are both wonderful recipes! :)

    Though my wife DID find the Irish stew a little on the bitter side I guess due to the stout which I suppose can be reduced slightly.. hah..

    But thanks for these!

  9. Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I really enjoy reading your recipes. For this Irish beef stew, can I cook with the pressure cooker ?

  10. Hi Can I use the slow cooker for the above recipe?


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