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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

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Since my interest in baking is reignited this holiday season, I am reminded of my homemade vanilla extract which I kept forgetting to write about. The bottle you see above is 3 years old! Homemade vanilla extract is unbeatable in terms of both price and quality.  And it is so easy to put together, it is a pity not to make your own if you love baking. All you need is a glass bottle, vanilla pods, vodka and some time … and you will be rewarded with a never-ending supply of good quality vanilla extract. It will never run out because you can simply top up with more pods and vodka as you use it. Homemade vanilla extract makes a great hand-made gift for the holiday season (you can put together a diy starter kit, or give a bottle with a tag to indicate the estimated ready date).

Vanilla Extract

53 comments on “Homemade Vanilla Extract”

  1. I made some months ago too..smells really good now.

  2. Wow, homemade vanilla extract…I am sure that must taste and smell much better than the store bought ones…thanks for this nice recipe.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :-)

  3. The longer it’s aged, the better it is? I like the pretty bottle.

  4. where do you get your vanilla pods from? ^^ oh whoops, sorry realized you mentioned it in your post already!

  5. Got mine at Phoon Huat, Red Man Brand 10 sticks in a vacuum pack for $10 =)

  6. where to get the bottle stopper? can fit into any bottles?

    • I got mine from Cold Storage, but many places sell it too (e.g. household/kitchen section of departmental stores). Yes I think can fit into all the wine glass bottles.

  7. Does this homemade vanilla extract replace the vanilla’s they ask for in all recipe’s? Like cakes, cookies, ect… Thanks.

  8. Where to get the vanilla pod?

  9. Hi, do i need to wash the vanilla pods?

  10. Will opening it before the 3 months is up spoil it? Or could I open it every now and then to check on it/smell it? Haha.

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